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Paper   IPM / Philosophy / 13131
School of Analytic Philosophy
  Title:   Suhrawardi on Innateness: A Reply to John Walbridge
  Author(s):  Seyed N. Mousavian
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Philosophy East and West
  No.:  2
  Vol.:  64
  Year:  2014
  Pages:   486-501
  Supported by:  IPM
Here I shall focus on Suhrawardi's use and conception of 'fitri', translated as 'innate' by Hossein Ziai (1990), Hossein Ziai and John Walbridge (Suhrawardi 1999), and Mehdi Aminrazavi (1997, 2003),1 and will try to make some points in passing regarding Cartesian innate ideas in relation to Suhrawardi's fitriat. I will try to explain my understanding of Suhrawardi's i'tibarat 'aqliyya (beings of reason) and their relationship to fitriat. As a relevant issue, I will touch on Suhrawardi's distinction between objective and intellectual attributes. Considering Platonic forms as the godparents of Suhrawardi's 'innate' ideas, I end by justifying this question: Is Suhrawardi a Platonist?

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