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Paper   IPM / Philosophy / 12249
School of Analytic Philosophy
  Title:   Allamah Tabataba'i's Siddiqin Argument of God: A Critical Look
  Author(s):  Mahmoud Morvarid
  Status:   Published
  Year:  2008
  Editor:  Kanzian, C. & Legenhausen, M. (eds.),
  Publisher(s):   Innsbruck university press
  Supported by:  IPM
In the tradition of Islamic philosophy, the so-called ‘burhan al-siddiqin’ (the proof of the sincere) has enjoyed an age-old rich history. This type of argument purports to prove God's existence through contemplating on His own nature. The latest version of such argumentation is one proposed by Allamah Tabatabai in his glossary on Mulla Sadra's Asfar al-Arba'h. I shall argue that Allamah’s argument implicitly relies upon ‘Truthmaker Maximallism’, the dubious idea that for any possible world W and any proposition P, P is true in W iff there is a reality in W that makes P true. I shall argue further that this argument trades on an unjustified move from de dicto necessity to de re necessity, and that this gap can be filled by appealing to the controversial thesis that existence is a real universal property. So, contrary to Allamah’s commentators, his allegedly new siddiqin argument rests on several metaphysical theses and so does not have much advantage, in this respect, over previous arguments of this kind.

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