“Asadollah Aghajani”

Tel:  (+98)(21) 2310 ext. 2289
Fax:  (+98) (21) 22290648

IPM Positions

Senior Associate Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2019 - Present
(from March 21))

Past IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2014 - 2019)
(till March 20, 2019 )

Non IPM Affiliations

Professor of Iran University of Science and Technology

Related Papers

1. A. Aghajani (Joint with C. Craig and L. Shiu Hong)
A nonlinear elliptic problem involving the gradient on a half space
Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 43 (2023), 378-391  [abstract]
2. A. Aghajani (Joint with C. Cowan and V. D. Radulescu)
Positive supersolutions of fourth-order nonlinear elliptic equations: explicit estimates and Liouville theorems
Journal of Differential Equations 298 (2021), 323-345  [abstract]
3. A. Aghajani (Joint with C. Cowan)
A note on the nonexistence of positive supersolutions to elliptic equations with gradient terms
Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata 200 (2021), 125-135  [abstract]
4. A. Aghajani (Joint with A. Mosleh Tehrani)
Bounds for the extremal parameter of nonlinear eigenvalue problems and applications
Asymptotic Analysis (Publishied) [abstract]
5. A. Aghajani (Joint with C. Cowan)
Regularity of the extremal solutions associated to elliptic systems
Proc. Edinburgh Math. Soc. (Accepted) [abstract]
6. A. Aghajani
Regularity of extremal solutions of semilinear elliptic problems with non-convex nonlinearities on general domains
Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 37 (2017), 3521-3530  [abstract]
7. A. Aghajani (Joint with A. Mosleh Tehrani)
Pointwise bounds for positive supersolutions of nonlinear elliptic problems involoving the p-laplacian
Electron. J. Differential Equations 2017 (2017), 1-14  [abstract]
8. A. Aghajani
New a priori estimates for semistable solutions of semilinear elliptic equations
Potential Anal. 44 (2016), 729-744  [abstract]
9. A. Aghajani
Singular set of solutions of semilinear elliptic equations
Nonlinear Anal. 127 (2015), 206-214  [abstract]
10. A. Aghajani and M. Hesaaraki
On the structure of ionizing shock waves in magnetofluiddynamics
Internat. J. Math. Math. Sci. 29 (2002), 395-415  [abstract]
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