“Homayoon Eshraghi”

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Fax:  +98 21 22813722

IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Physics
(2005 - 2008
(1995- March 19, 2008))

Past IPM Positions

PostDoctoral Associate, School of Physics
(1995 - 2005)

Research Interests

Fundamental Physics, Analytical Plasma Physics, General, Algebraic, differential Topology, PDE Dynamical Systems, Especially, the application of the above mentioned mathematical subjects in hydrodynamics

Research Activities

1- The investigation of the effect of external sources in the context of "finite time singularity" in ideal and viscous fluids. 2- Finding the (nonlinear) double Riemann Wave Solution in highly magnetized 2-D Plasmas. The permitted and forbidden areas of the solution together with the time of creation of singularities and streamlines are being studied. 3- A new class in vanishing helicity flous in ideal fluids is studied according to the spitality which is a lagrangian invariant. 4- In an incompressible viscous fluid there is a connection between the singularity and vortex lines reconnection. These connections can be shown in a geometrical approach. We investigate this relation and in addition, a new spirality and a new equation for it, is suggested for an incompressible viscous flow. 5- The effect of thermodynamical coupling in fluids may impose significant constraints on the mechanical motion of a fluid. Especially the law of increase of entropy is shown to enable us to give the point stability and the velocity field near the stable point.

Present Research Project at IPM

1- Source effects in sihgular vortices 2- 2-D Double waved in magnetized Plasmas. 3- Vanishing helicity ideal fluids 4- Vortex singularity - reconnection in viscous fluids. 5- Point Stability in non-ideal fluids.

Related Papers

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