“Fariborz Azarpanah”

Tel:  +98 916 1133687

IPM Positions

Non Resident Researcher (non-resident), School of Mathematics
(2005 - 2006 )

Past IPM Positions

Associate Researcher (non-resident), School of Mathematics
(2003 - 2005)
Associate Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2001 - 2002)

Non IPM Affiliations

Professor of Chamran University of Ahvaz

Research Interests

Topology (Rings of continuous functions)

Present Research Project at IPM

When the family of functions vanishing at infinity is an ideal of C(X)?

Related Papers

1. F. Azarpanah (Joint with R. Mohamadian)
z-ideals and √{z° }-ideals in C(X)
Acta Math. Sin. (Engl. Ser.) 23 (2007), 989-996  [abstract]
2. F. Azarpanah and M. Motamedi
Zero-divisor graph of C(X)
Acta Math. Hungar. 108 (2005), 25-36  [abstract]
3. F. Azarpanah and M. Karavan
On nonregular ideals and z0-ideals in C(X)
Czechoslovak Math. J. 55(130) (2005), 397-407  [abstract]
4. A. R. Aliabad, F. Azarpanah and M. Namdari
Rings of continuous functions vanishing at infinity
Comment. Math. Univ. Carolin. 45 (2004), 519-533  [abstract]
5. F. Azarpanah
When is C(X) a clean ring?
Acta Math. Hungar. 94 (2002), 53-58  [abstract]
6. O. A. S. Karamzadeh and F. Azarpanah
Algebraic characterization of some disconnected spaces
Ital. J. pure Appl. Math. (2002), 155-168   [abstract]
7. T. Soundararajan and F. Azarpanah
When the family of functions vanishing at infinity is ideal of C(X)
Rocky Mountain J. Math. 31 (2001), 1133-1140  [abstract]
8. F. Azarpanah, O. A. S. Karamzadeh and A. Rezai Aliabad
On ideals consisting entirely of zero divisors
Comm. Algebra 28 (2000), 1061-1073  [abstract]
9. F. Azarpanah
On almost P-spaces
Far East J. Math. Sci. (2000), 121-132  [abstract]
10. A. Rezai Aliabad, F. Azarpanah and O. A. S. Karamzadeh
On z°-ideals in C(X)
Fund. Math. 160 (1999), 15-25  [abstract]
11. F. Azarpanah
Sum and intersection of summand ideals in C(X)
Comm. Algebra 27 (1999), 5549-5560  [abstract]
12. F. Azarpanah
Intersection of essential ideals in C(X)
Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 125 (1997), 2149-2154  [abstract]
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