“Hamidreza Mahani”

Tel:  021-2310-5039

IPM Positions

PostDoctoral Associate, School of Astronomy

Research Interests

Initial mass function (IMF & IGIMF)
Stellar population synthesis models
Galaxy formation and evolution


Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) scholarship ISEF postdoctoral scholarship

Related Papers

1. H. Abdollahi, A. Javadi, M T. Mirtorabi, E. Saremi, J. Th. van Loon, H. G. Khosroshahi, I. McDonald, E. Khalouei, H. Mahani, S . Taefi Aghdam, M. Saberi and m. torki
The Isaac Newton Telescope Monitoring Survey of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies. VI. The Star Formation History and Dust Production in Andromeda IX
Astrophysical Journal 948 (2023),   [abstract]
Code: IPM/A-2023/10
2. H. Mahani, A. Javadi, J. Th. van Loon, H. Khosroshahi, E. Saremi, R. Hamedani Golshan, M. Navabi, Seyed A. Hashemi, M. Gholami and S. Taefi Aghdam
From evolved stars to the formation and evolution of galaxies
Cambridge University 17 (2023),   [abstract]
Code: IPM/A-2023/08
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