“Mojtaba Madadi Asl”

Tel:  (+98)(21)2310-3065

IPM Positions

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences
(2022 - Present )

Research Interests

Theoretical and computational neuroscience,
Neural dynamics and neural oscillations,
Spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP),
Brain disorders and brain stimulation,
Game theory.

Related Papers

1. A. Asadi, M. Madadi Asl, A. Valizadeh and M. Perc
Dynamics of parkinsonian oscillations mediated by transmission delays in a mean-field model of the basal ganglia
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 18 (2024),   [abstract]
2. M. Madadi Asl and C.A. Lea-Carnall
Stimulation-induced synaptic reorganization is shaped by inhibitory plasticity in a reduced model of Parkinson's disease
Proceedings of the 12th Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (2023),   [abstract]
3. M. Shavikloo, A. Esmaeili, A. Valizadeh and M. Madadi Asl
Synchronization of delayed coupled neurons with multiple synaptic connections
Cognitive Neurodynamics (2023),   [abstract]
4. M. Madadi Asl, A. Valizadeh and P. Tass
Decoupling of interacting neuronal populations by time-shifted stimulation through spike-timing-dependent plasticity
PLOS Computational Biology (2023),   [abstract]
5. F. Bahadori-jahromi, S. Salehi, M. Madadi Asl and A. Valizadeh
Efficient suppression of parkinsonian beta oscillations in a closed-loop model of deep brain stimulation with amplitude modulation
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2023),   [abstract]
6. A. Valizadeh and M. Madadi Asl
Synaptic plasticity during brain development: Implications for therapeutic reorganization of neural circuits
Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Health (2023),   [abstract]
7. M. Madadi Asl and S. Ramezani Akbarabadi
Delay-dependent transitions of phase synchronization and coupling symmetry between neurons shaped by spike-timing-dependent plasticity
Cognitive Neurodynamics (2022),   [abstract]
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