“Sima Taefi Aghdam”


IPM Positions

Research Assistant , School of Astronomy

Research Interests

? Star Formation of Nearby Galaxies ? Stellar Evolution ? Galaxy Formation and Evolution ? Multi Wavelength Observational Astronomy


? Full grant awarded to attendance in "2nd Regional Astronomical Summer School (2RASS)", Byurakan, Armenia. 13-17 Sep 2021 ? Full grant awarded to attendance in "Astronomical Surveys and Big Data 2 (ASBD-2)", Byurakan, Armenia. 14-18 Sep 2020 ? Full grant awarded to participate in "7th Byurakan International Summer School (7BISS)", Byurakan, Armenia. 7-12 Sep 2020 ? Full grant awarded to participate in "42nd International School for Young Astronomers", Kunming, Yunnan, China. Oct-Nov 2019 ? MSc Scholarship (2011) ? BSc Scholarship (2006)

Research Activities

The giant elliptical NGC5128 galaxy is the nearest easily observable at a distance of 3.8 Mpc.To date, this galaxy has been widely studied due to its proximity and prominent features. However, considering the resolved stellar populations of the galaxy, a more detailed investigation is appreciated as it is demanded to be a particular target for upcoming large telescopes. In this paper, we construct the star formation history (SFH) of two small fields in the halo of NGC5128 galaxy. Northeastern field is located at a distance of 18:8 Kpc and southern field is in 9:9 Kpc from the center. Our method is based on identifying long period variable (LPV) stars that can act as powerful tracers of star formation due to their luminosity and variability.

Present Research Project at IPM

The Complex Star Formation History of the Halo of NGC 5128 (Cen A),
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