“Mohammad Sahraei”

Tel:  +98 21 22809150
Fax:  +98 21 22809148

IPM Positions

Ph.D. Student, School of Particles and Accelerator
(2021 - Present )

Related Papers

1. M. J. Vasli, M. R. Mohammadi Mozaffar, K. Babaei Velni and M. Sahraei
Holographic study of reflected entropy in anisotropic theories
Phys. Rev. D 107 (2023),   [abstract]
Code: IPM/P.A-745
2. G. Fardipour Raki, M. Ghahremani Gol, M. Sahraei and M. Khakzad
SiPM and PMT driving, signals count, and peak detection circuits, suitable for particle detection
Journal of Instrumentation 17 (2022),   [abstract]
arXive.org link: 2205.04689 [physics.ins-det] [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P.A-750
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