“Mohammad Javad Shahhoseini”


IPM Positions

Research Assistant , School of Astronomy

Research Interests

Radio Astronomy. Dwarf irregular galaxies, ISM, Radio-FIR correlation, Magnetic field in galaxies, Dust, ISM Componenets, Intrinsic Variable stars, statistical astrophysics, Magellanic Clouds

Research Activities

Understanding the role of Interstellar Medium in the evolution of the galaxies is a pressing question. The origin of the correlation between the radio and far-infrared (FIR) emission which holds in different type of galaxies over 5 order of magnitude is still a dazzling question that needs to be answered. While star formation is the classic answer to explain the correlations recent studies show that even in diffused areas with no star formation correlations holds as well. Due to the fast escape of cosmic ray electrons and UV photones, the low-mass, low metallicity galaxies, are expected to be radio dim for the same level of star formation as in larger galaxies, but they still follow the radio-IR relation so there is a conspiracy here. It is shown that for spiral galaxies a hydro-static equilibrium between gas and magnetic field and cosmic rays is the main reason behind this correlation which holds even in areas without star formation. Now we want to investigate the physics behind this correlation in dwarf irregular galaxies and find the role of the ISM in between.

Present Research Project at IPM

A detailed study of Radio-FIR correlation in dwarf irregular galaxies
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