“Mahdi Hormozi”

Tel:  (+98) (21) 2310 ext. 2166
Fax:  (+98)(21) 22290648

IPM Positions

Senior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Mathematics
(2020 - Present
(from September 22))

Related Papers

1. M. Moazami Goodarzi and M. Hormozi (Joint with G. H. Esslamzadeh and M. Lind)
The modulus of p-variation and its applications
Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 28 (2022), 1-40  [abstract]
2. M. Hormozi (Joint with K. Yabuta)
Comments on "Sharp weighted estimates for square functions associated to operators on spaces of homogeneous type"
J. Geom. Anal. (Accepted) [abstract]
3. M. Hormozi (Joint with M. Cao, G. Ibanez-Fienkorn, I. P. Rivera-Rios, Z. Si, and K. Yabuta)
Weak and strong type estimates for the multilinear Littlewood-Paley operators
Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 27 (2021), 1-42  [abstract]
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