“Mohsen Farokhnezhad”

Tel:  021-22835061
Fax:  021-22835058

IPM Positions

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Nano Science
(2020 - 2023 )

Research Interests

Theoretical condensed matter, Spintronics and transport properties of 2D materials, Plasmonics, Optical and photothermal properties, Thermoelectric properties of 2D materials and their applications

Related Papers

1. M. Farokhnezhad, W. Coish, R. Asgari and D. Culcer
Quadrupolar photovoltaic effect in the terahertz range in a two-dimensional spin- 3/2 hole system
Phys. Rev. B (2023),   [abstract]
2. M. Farokhnezhad, R. Asgari and D. Culcer
Spin-orbit torques due to extrinsic spin-orbit scattering of topological insulator surface states: out-of-plane magnetization
Journal of Physics: Materials (2022),   [abstract]
3. F. Norouzi, M. Farokhnezhad, M. Esmaeilzadeh and B. Szafran
Controllable spin filtering and halfmetallicity in beta 12-borophene nanoribbons
Phys. Rev. B 104 (2021), 245431  [abstract]
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