“Hamid Hassani”


IPM Positions

Research Assistant , School of Astronomy

Research Interests

Star Formation, Role of Magnetic Field in Interstellar Medium, Dust Reddening in Galaxies, Thermal and Non-Thermal Components of ISM.

Research Activities

Separating the thermal and non-thermal radio continuum emission in the MCs have been limited to low-resolution maps and a constant non-thermal spectral index assumption. Strong Gamma-ray emission from some HII complexes in the MCs such as 30Dor casts doubt over this assumption which also leads to an overestimate in the thermal fraction. Obtaining a pure non-thermal spectral index map is critical to study the distribution and energetics of the magnetic fields and cosmic rays. Using the RC maps and MUSE data with the Thermal Radio Template(TRT) technique, we provide a full map of ''''pure'''' synchrotron spectral index in the MCs at 38" resolution, showing that indeed cosmic rays are more energetic and magnetic fields are stronger in the star forming regions. Hence, massive star formation inserts strong nonthermal pressure into the ISM, which can decrease the chance of the formation of the next massive stars

Present Research Project at IPM

Role of Thermal and Non-thermal Processes in Evolution of Massive Star Formation in Galaxies - Case of the Magellanic Clouds
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