“Seyed Mohammad-Reza Taheri”

Tel:  +982126130677

IPM Positions

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Condensed Matter National Laboratory
(2016 - 2021 )

Research Interests

Optics: Imaging and Microscopy, Optical Trapping Technique Soft Matter Physics: Microswimmers, Microfluidics

Related Papers

1. M. A. Sanjari Shahrezaei, S. M. R. Taheri, H. Nikfazan, A. Satalov, M. Moazzami Gudarzi and S. H. Aboutalebi
Anomalously low electrostatic bending stiffness of graphene oxide 2D membranes regulates their environmental fate in aquatic ecosystems
J. Mater. Chem. A (2022),   [abstract]
2. M. A. Sanjari Shahrezaei, S. M. R. Taheri and S. H. Aboutalebi
Correlation of interfacial dilational rheology and processing of 2D Materials liquid crystals: A case-study of graphene oxide liquid crystal phases
Iranian Journal of Physics 20 (2020), 515-524  [abstract]
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