“Amir Reza Alizad Rahvar”


IPM Positions

Long Term Visitor, School of Biological Sciences
(2020 - Present )

Related Papers

1. A. R. Alizad-Rahvar, S. Vafadar, M. Totonchi and M. Sadeghi
False Negative Mitigation in Group Testing for COVID-19 Screening
frontiers in medicine 8 (2021), 579  [abstract]
2. S. A. Malekpour, A. R. Alizad-Rahvar and M. Sadeghi
LogicNet: probabilistic continuous logics in reconstructing gene regulatory networks
BMC Bioinformatics 21 (2020), 1-21  [abstract]
3. A. R. Alizad-Rahvar and M. Sadeghi
Ambiguity in logic-based models of gene regulatory networks: An integrative multi-perturbation analysis
PlosOne 13 (2018), https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0206976  [abstract]
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