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IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Nano Science
(2017 - Present )

Related Papers

1. M. Panahi, V. Farzam Rad, S. Sasan, R. Jamali, A. Moradi and A. Darudi
Detection of intralayer alignment in multicomponent lipids by dynamic speckle pattern analysis
Journal of Biophotonics 15 (2022),   [abstract]
2. S. Moradi Mehr, M. Charsooghi, L. Businaro, M. Habibi and A. Moradi
Capillary pumping between droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces
AIChE Journal 69 (2022),   [abstract]
3. R. Shirsavar, S. Mollaei, M. Moeini Rizi, A. R. Moradi, A. Amjadi, M. Habibi and A. Najafi
Effect of Permittivity on the Electric-Field-Driven Rotation Dynamics in a Liquid Film
App. Optics 3 (2022), 78  [abstract]
4. Y. Ganjkhani, A. Calabuig, G. Pedrini and A. Moradi
Oblique illumination in self-referencing digital holographic microscopy and its applications
SPIE OPTICAL METROLOGY 11786 (2021),   [abstract]
5. R. Jamali, F. Nazari, A. Ghaffari, S. K. P. Velu and A. R. Moradi
Speckle tweezers for manipulation of high and low refractive index micro-particles and nano-particle loaded vesicles
2021 (2021),   [abstract]
6. M. Panahi, R. Jamali, V. Farzam Rad, M. Khorasani, A. Darudi and A. R. Moradi
3D monitoring of the surface slippage effect on micro-particle sedimentation by digital holographic microscopy
Scientific Reports 11 (2021),   [abstract]
7. V. . Farzam Rad, A. Babaei-Ghazvini, R. Jamali, I. Shahabi-Ghahfarrokhi and A. R. Moradi
Digital holographic microscopy for real-time investigation of 3D microstructural dynamics of starch-kefiran-based nanocomposite
App. Optics 60 (2021), 4706  [abstract]
8. M. J. Siavashani, M. T. Tavasoli and A. R. Moradi
The effect of edge sharpness on phase-step diffractometry
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 145 (2021), 106666  [abstract]
9. A. Akhtar, A. Andleeb, T. Sher Waris, M. Bazzar, A. R. Moradi, N. R. Awan and M. Yar
Neurodegenerative diseases and effective drug delivery: A review of challenges and novel therapeutics
Journal of Controlled Release 330 (2021), 1152  [abstract]
10. M. J. Siavashani, I. Naghedi, V. Abbasian, E. A. Akhlaghi, M. A. Charsooghi, M. T. Tavassoly and A. R. Moradi
3D imaging using scanning diffractometry
Scientific Reports 11 (2021),   [abstract]
11. V. Farzam Rad, M. Panahi, R. Jamali, A. Darudi and A. R. Moradi
Non-nvasive in situ monitoring of bone scaffold activity by speckle pattern analysis
Biomedical Optics Express 11 (2020), 6324  [abstract]
12. M. Allah Panahi, Z. Tahmasebi, V. Abbasian, M. Amiri and A. R. Moradi
Role of pH level on the morphology and growth rate of myelin figures
Biomedical Optics Express 11 (2020), 5565  [abstract]
13. Y. Ganjkhani, A. Calabuig, G. Pedrini and A. R. Moradi
Oblique illumination lateral shearing digital holographic microscopy
J. Optics 22 (2020), 095601  [abstract]
14. V. Abbasian and A. R. Moradi
Microsphere-assisted super-resolved Mueller matrix microscopy
Optic Lett 45 (2020),   [abstract]
15. V. Farzam Rad and A. R. Moradi
Flat Wall Proximity Effect on Micro-Particle Sedimentation in Non-Newtonian Fluids
Scientific Reports 10 (2020), 2741  [abstract]
16. V. Farzam Rad, E. E. Ramirez-Miquet, H. Cabrera, M. Habibi and A. R. Moradi
Speckle pattern analysis of crumpled papers
App. Optics 58 (2019), 6549  [abstract]
17. V. Abbasian, S. Rasouli and A. R. Moradi
Microsphere-assisted self-referencing digital holographic microscopy in transmission mode
J. Optics 21 (2019),   [abstract]
18. V. Farzam Rad, R. Khamedi and A. R. Moradi
The effect of martensite volume fraction on topography of dual phase steels
Materials Letters 239 (2019), 21  [abstract]
19. V. Abbasian, Y. Ganjkhani, E. A. Akhlaghi, A. Anand, B. Javidi and A. R. Moradi
Super-resolved microsphere-assisted Mirau digital holography by oblique illumination
J. Optics 20 (2018),   [abstract]
20. V. Abbasian, E. A. Akhlaghi, M. A. Charsooghi, M. Bazzar and A. R. Moradi
Digital Holographic Microscopy for 3D Surface Characterization of Polymeric Nanocomposites
Ultramicro. 185 (2018), 72  [abstract]
21. M. A. Charsooghi and A. Moradi
Surface Proximity Effect in Sedimentation by Digital Holographic Microscopy
App. Optics 57 (2018), 179  [abstract]
22. P. Vora, V. Trivedi, S. Mahajan, N. Patel, M. Joglekar, V. Chhaniwal, A. R. Moradi, B. Javidi and A. Anand
Wide field of view common path lateral shearing digital holographic interference microscope
J. Biomed. Opt. 22 (2017), 126001  [abstract]
23. Y. Ganjkhani, M. A. Charsooghi, E. A. Akhlaghi and A. R. Moradi
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25. P. Asgari, Y. Pourvaise, P. Abdollahi, A. R. Moradi, R. Khademi and A. Darudi
Digital holographic microscopy as a new technique for quantitative measurement of microstructural corrosion in austenitic stainless steel
Materials & Design 125 (2017), 109  [abstract]
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