“Hesam Arabi Ardakani”

Tel:  982123105254
Fax:  22
Home Page:  www.optics.solutions

IPM Positions

PostDoctoral Associate, School of Astronomy
(2016 - 2018

Research Interests

Fiber Optics Polymer Photonics Surface Plasmon

Research Activities

I am designing a fiber fed spectrograph here in Technology Development Division . Optical fibers are the best candidates to deliver both the spectrum and the image profile of stellar objects. We aim to embed the final version of the fiber fed spectrograph in INO340 telescope ( http://ino.org.ir/en/ ). Multi-functional multi-material fibers have exceptional capabilities in remote sensing, biophotonics, and medical surgery, to name just a few. Here we would like to employ IR photonic fibers for sensing and imaging parts of the telescope. Currently we are setting up facilities to fabricate multi-material polymer fibers.

Present Research Project at IPM

Integral field spectrographs Multi-material polymer optical fibers
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