“Seyed Ali Hosseini Mansoori”

Tel:  00982123105064
Fax:  00982122806616

IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Astronomy
(2016 - Present )

Non IPM Affiliations

PhD Student of Isfahan university of technology
resident researcher , Boston University (BU)

Research Interests

General relativity, Black hole, Statistical mechanics, Cosmology, AdS/CFT correspondence

Related Papers

1. Hassan. Firouzjahi, Mohammad Ali. Gorji, Seyed Ali . Hosseini Mansoori, Asieh. Karami and Tahereh. Rostami
Two-field disformal transformation and mimetic cosmology
JCAP 2018 (2018),   [abstract]
Code: IPM/A-2018/26
2. Mohammad Ali. Gorji, Shinji. Mukohyama, Hassan. Firouzjahi and Seyed Ali. Hosseini Mansoori
Gauge field mimetic cosmology
JCAP 2018 (2018),   [abstract]
Code: IPM/A-2018/07
3. Mohammad Ali. Gorji, Seyed Ali . Hosseini Mansoori and Hassan. Firouzjahi
Higher Derivative Mimetic Gravity
JCAP 2018 (2018),   [abstract]
Code: IPM/A-2017/35
4. Hassan. Firouzjahi, Mohammad Ali. Gorji and Ali. Hosseini Mansoori
Instabilities in Mimetic Matter Perturbations
JCAP (Submitted) [abstract]
Code: IPM/A-2017/07
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