“Neda Afzalian”


IPM Positions

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Cognitive Sciences
(2020 - Present )

Related Papers

1. H. Marefat, Z. Vahabi, N. Afzalian, M. Khanbagi, H. Karimi, F. Ebrahiminia, C. Kalafatis, M. Modarres and S. Khaligh-Razavi
Brain Representation of Animal and Non-Animal Images in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease
J Alzheimers Dis Rep . 7 (2023),   [abstract]
2. N. Afzalian and R. Rajimehr
Spatially Adjacent Regions in Posterior Cingulate Cortex Represent Familiar Faces at Different Levels of Complexity
Journal of Neuroscience 41 (2021),   [abstract]
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