“Mojtaba Ganjali”


IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Biological Sciences
(2014 - 2018 )

Related Papers

1. T. Baghfalaki and M. Ganjali
A transition model for analyzing multivariate longitudinal data using Gaussian copula approach
Advances in Statistical Analysis https://doi.org/10.1007/s10182-018-00346-w (2019), 1-55  [abstract]
2. T. Baghfalaki, M. Ganjali and D. M. Berridge
Generalized estimating equations by considering additive terms for analyzing time-course gene sets data
Journal of the Korean Statistical Society (2018),   [abstract]
3. M. Ganjali and T. Baghfalaki
Application of Penalized Mixed Model in Identification of Genes in Yeast Cell-Cycle Gene Expression Data
Biostatistics and Biometrics 6 (2018),   [abstract]
4. T. Baghfalaki, M. Ganjali and G. Verbeke
A shared parameter model of longitudinal measurements and survival time with heterogeneous random-effects distribution
J. Appl. Statist. 44 (2017), 2813-2836  [abstract]
5. T. Baghfalaki, M. Ganjali and D. Berridge
Missing Value Imputation for RNA-Sequencing Data Using Statistical Models: A Comparative Study
J. Appl. Statist. (inProgress) [abstract]
6. s. Noorian, M. Ganjali and E. Bahrami Samani
A Bayesian test of homogeneity of association parameter using transition modelling of longitudinal mixed responses
J. Appl. Statist. 43 (2016), 1850-1863   [abstract]
7. R. Aghdam, M. Ganjali. , P. Niloofar. and C. Eslahchi.
Inferring gene regulatory networks by an order independent algorithm using incomplete data sets
J. Appl. Statist. DOI:10.1080/02664763.2015.1079307 (2016), 1-21  [abstract]
8. M. Ganjali. , T. Baghfalaki. and D. Berridge.
Robust Modeling of Differential Gene Expression Data Using Normal/Independent Distributions: A Baysian Approach
Plos One 10 (2015), e0123791  [abstract]
9. R. Aghdam. , M. Ganjali. , X. Zhang. and C. Eslahchi.
CN: A Consensus Algorithm for Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks Using SORDER Algorithm and Conditional Mutual Information Test
Molecular BioSystems DOI: 10.1039/C4MB00413B (2015), 942-949  [abstract]
10. M. Ganjali. and T. Baghfalaki.
A Copula Approach to Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Measurements and Survival Times Using MCEM with Application to AIDS Studies
Biopharmaceutical Statistics 25 (2015), 1077-1099  [abstract]
11. R. Aghdam. , M. Ganjali. and C. Eslahchi.
A Hybrid Algorithm for Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks
Iranian Statistical Conference( In: )
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A Bayesian Shared Parameter Model for Analysing Longitudinal Skewed Responses with Nonignorable Dropout
IJSMR 3 (2014), 103-115  [abstract]
13. R. Aghdam. , M. Ganjali. and C. Eslahchi.
IPCA-CMI: An algorithm for Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks Based on a Combination of PCA-CMI and MIT Score
Plos One 9 (2014), e92600  [abstract]
14. R. Aghdam. , H. Pezeshk. and M. Ganjali.
A New Method for Estimating parameters of A Profile Hidden Markov models Based on Phylogenetic tree
Iranian Statistical Conference (2012),   [abstract]
15. A. Ebrahimi. , R. Aghdam. , N. Parisa. , M. ganjali. and C. Eslahchi.
An Algorithm for Inference of Gene Networks UsingBayesian Network
Emerging Trends in Computing and information Science 5 (2012), 774-782  [abstract]
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