“Mohieddin Jafari”


IPM Positions

Non Resident Researcher, School of Biological Sciences
(2010 - 2017 )

Related Papers

1. M. Ashtiani, P. Nickchi, S. Jahangiri Tazehkand, A. Saffari, M. Mirzaei and M. Jafari
IMMAN: an R/Bioconductor package for Interolog protein network reconstruction, mapping and mining analysis
BMC Bioinformatics 20 (2019), 73  [abstract]
2. N. Ansari-Pour, Z. Razaghi Moghadam, F. Barneh and M. Jafari
Testis-Specific Y-Centric Protein–Protein Interaction Network Provides Clues to the Etiology of Severe Spermatogenic Failure
Journal of proteome research 15 (2016), 1011-1022  [abstract]
3. P. Nickchi, M. Jafari and S. Kalantari
PEIMAN 1.0: Post-translational modification Enrichment, Integration and Matching ANalysis
Database (2015),   [abstract]
4. M. Jafari. , M.Mirzaie. , M. Sadeghi. , S. A. Marashi. and M. Rezaei-Tavirani.
Exploring biological processes involved in embryonic stem cell differentiation by analyzing proteomic data
BBA 1834 (2013), 1063-1069  [abstract]
5. M. Jafari. , M. Sadeghi. , M. Mirzaie. , S. A. Marashi. and M. Rezaei-Tavirani.
Evolutionarily conserved motifs and modules in mitochondrial protein-protein interaction networks
Mitochondrion 13 (2013), 668-675  [abstract]
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