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IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Nano Science
(2013 - Present )

Non IPM Affiliations

Faculty Member of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science

Related Papers

1. R. Nazari-Vanani, M. Vafaiee, F. Zamanpour, E. Asadian, R. Mohammadpour, H. Rafii-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Promoting the Proliferation and Migration of Human Fibroblast Cells
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 16 (2024), 15773â??15782  [abstract]
2. M. Abedini , R. Mohammadpour, H. Rafii-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Nanomatryoshka as a nano-material for use in laser-induced hyperthermia in biological tissues: A multiphysics-based computational modeling approach
Int. J. Thermal Sciences 196 (2024),   [abstract]
3. M. Jannesari, E. Asadian, F. Ejehi, N. English, R. Mohammadpour and P. Sasanpour
Boosting on-demand antibacterial activity using electrical stimulations from polypyrrole-graphene oxide triboelectric nanogenerator
Nano Energy (2023),   [abstract]
4. R. Nazari-Vanani, M. Vafaiee, E. Asadian, R. Mohammadpour, H. Rafii-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Enhanced proliferation and migration of fibroblast cells by skin-attachable and self-cleaning triboelectric nanogenerator
Biomaterials Advances (2023),   [abstract]
5. M. Abedini , H. Montazeri, E. Lotfali, R. Ghasemi, S. Badieyan and P. Sasanpour
Rapid discrimination of Candida species based on optical diffraction pattern
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology (2023),   [abstract]
6. F. Ejehi, L. Shooshtari, R. Mohammadpour, E. Asadian and P. Sasanpour
Self-powered ultraviolet/visible photodetector based on graphene-oxide via triboelectric nanogenerators performing by finger tapping
Nanotechnology 33 (2022),   [abstract]
7. E. Afjeh-Dana, E. Asadian, M. Razzaghi, H. Rafi-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Defection-based laser sensing platform for selective and sensitive detection of ­H2S using plasmonic nanostructures
Scientific Reports (2022),   [abstract]
8. R. Nazari-Vanani, R. Mohammadpour, E. Asadian, H. Rafi-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
A computational modelling study of excitation of neuronal cells with triboelectric nanogenerators
Scientific Reports (2022),   [abstract]
9. S. Mohammadi, H. Rafii-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Contribution of the dipole-dipole interaction to targeting efficiency of magnetite nanoparticles inside the blood vessel: A computational modeling analysis with different magnet geometries
Phys. Fluids 34 (2022), 033601  [abstract]
10. A. H. Atabaki, A. Montazeri, H. Rafii-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Determination of the optimal location of samples on quartz tuning fork-based biosensors: a computational study
Biomedical Phys. & Engineering Express 7 (2021), 065024  [abstract]
11. F. Ejehi, R. Mohammadpour, E. Asadian, S. Fardindoost and P. Sasanpour
Enhancement of self-powered humidity sensing of graphene oxide-based triboelectric nanogenerators by addition of graphene oxide nanoribbons
Microchim. Acta (2021), 188  [abstract]
12. S. Amiri, M. Abedini, S. Badieyan, M. Vaezjalali, O. Akhavan and P. Sasanpour
Viral infected cells reveal distinct polarization behavior; a polarimetric microscopy analysis on HSV infected Vero and HeLa cells
262 (2021), 107484  [abstract]
13. Z. Rezanejad Gatabi, R. Mohammadpour, J. Rezanejad Gatabi, M. Mirhoseini and P. Sasanpour
A novel composite gold/gold nanoparticles/carbon nanotube electrode for frequency-stable micro-electrical impedance tomography
J. Mat. Sci. 31 (2020), 10803  [abstract]
14. M. Arvand, N. Arjmandi, M. Shakibaie, S. Jafarinejad, R. Shahghadami and P. Sasanpour
Colorimetric microfluidic paper-based sensor for determination of nitrite in drinking water with enhanced color development
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 53 (2020), 355403  [abstract]
15. F. Ejehi, R. Mohammadpour, E. Asadian, P. Sasanpour, S. Fardindoost and O. Akhavan
Graphene Oxide Papers in Nanogenerators for Self-Powered Humidity Sensing by Finger Tapping
Scientific Reports 10 (2020), 7312  [abstract]
16. M. Shakibaie, M. Vaezjalalib, H. Rafii Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Phototherapy alters the oncogenic metabolic activity of breast cancer cells
Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 30 (2020), 101695  [abstract]
17. Z. Hosseindokht, R. Mohammadpour, E. Asadian, M. Paryavi, H. Rafii Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Low cost flexible pressure sensor using laser scribed GO/RGO periodic structure for electronic skin applications
Superlattices and Microstructures 140 (2020), 106470  [abstract]
18. Z. Rezanejad Gatabi, R. Mohammadpour, J. Rezanejad Gatabi , M. Mirhoseini , M. Ahmadi and P. Sasanpour
Sandblasting improves the performance of electrodes of miniature electrical impedance tomography via double layer capacitance
Heliyon 6 (2020),   [abstract]
19. S. Jafarinejad, A. Bigdeli, M. Ghazi-Khansari, P. Sasanpour and M. R. Hormozi-Nezhad
Identification of Catecholamine Neurotransmitters Using a Fluorescent Electronic Tongue
ACS Chem. Neurosci 11 (2020), 25-33  [abstract]
20. N. Rafiefard, A. Iraji zad, A. Esfandiar, P. Sasanpour, S. Fardindoost, Y. Zou, S. J. Haigh and S. H. Hosseini Shokouh
A graphene/TiS3 heterojunction for resistive sensing of polar vapors at room temperature
Microchim. Acta 187 (2020), 117  [abstract]
21. M. Vafaie, R. Mohammadpour, M. Vossoughi and P. Sasanpour
Size and Geometry of Multielectrode Arrays Determine the Efficiency of Electrical Interaction With Neurons Through Double-Layer Capacitance
IEEE Sensors J. 19 (2019),   [abstract]
22. P. Sasanpour, A. Dilmaghani Marand, H. Montazeri, S. Ivani, M. J. Hajipour and M. Mahmoudi
Nanoparticles affect bacterial colonies' optical diffraction patterns
Nanoscale 11 (2019), 2594  [abstract]
23. M. B. Ebrahim Habibi, M. Ghobeh, F. Aghakhani Mahyari, H. Rafii-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Protein G selects two binding sites for carbon nanotube with dissimilar behavior; a molecular dynamics study
J. Mol. Graphics and Modelling 87 (2019), 257  [abstract]
24. S. Farrashi, P. Sasanpour and H. Rafii-Tabar
Interaction of low frequency external electric fields and pancreatic β-cell: a mathematical modeling approach to identify the influence of excitation parameters
Int. J. of Radiation Biology 94 (2018), 1038  [abstract]
25. S. Badieyan, A. Ameri, H. Rafii-Tabar, M. R. Razzaghi and P. Sasanpour
Mueller Matrix Polarimetric Imaging of Prostate Tissue
IEEE 38th Int. Conf. on Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO) (2018), 375  [abstract]
26. M. Abedini, M. Ahmadi, R. Mohammadpour and P. Sasanpour
Efficient Geometry of Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Fiber Optic Sensor
IEEE 38th Int. Conf. on Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO) (2018), 351  [abstract]
27. M. Abedini, T. Tekieh and P. Sasanpour
Recording Neural Activity Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance by Optical Fibers-A Computational Analysis
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 12 (2018), 61  [abstract]
28. S. Badieyan, A. Dilmaghani-Marand, M. J. Hajipour, A. Ameri, M. R. Razzaghi, H. Rafii-Tabar, M. Mahmoudi and P. Sasanpour
Detection and Discrimination of Bacterial Colonies with Mueller Matrix Imaging
Scientific Reports 8 (2018), 10815  [abstract]
29. S. Farashi, P. Sasanpour and H. Rafii-Tabar
The role of the transient receptor potential melastatin5 (TRPM5) channels in the pancreatic Beta-cell electrical activity: A computational modeling study
Computational Biology and Chemistry 76 (2018), 101  [abstract]
30. S. Farashi, P. Sasanpour and H. Rafii-Tabar
Computational modeling of the effect of temperature variations on human pancreatic β-cell activity
Journal of Thermal Biology 75 (2018), 69  [abstract]
31. S. Farashi, P. Sasanpour and H. Rafii-Tabar
Investigation of the role of ion channels in human pancreatic beta-cell hubs: A mathematical modeling study
Computers in Biology and Medicine 97 (2018), 50  [abstract]
32. T. Takieh, P. Sasanpour and H. Rafii-Tabar
Electrophysiological effects of low frequency electrical radiation on the neural compartment: a theoretical investigation
Biomedical Phys. & Engineering Express 4 (2018), 025040  [abstract]
33. Z. Hosseindokht, M. Paryavi, E. Asadian, R. Mohammadpour, H. Rafii-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Pressure Sensor based on Patterned Laser Scribed Reduced Graphene Oxide; Experiment and Modeling
2017 Int. Conf. on Orange Technologies (2017),   [abstract]
34. T. Takieh, H. Rafii Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Axon Swelling is Electrophysiologically Disruptive: A Theoretically Confirmed Hypothesis
IECBES (2016), 307-310  [abstract]
35. H. Montazeri, M. Ahmadi, T. Tekieh , A. Montazeri and P. Sasanpour
Optimization of Growth Medium Position for Improved Operation of Quartz Tuning Fork Biosensor
IECBES (2016), 67-69  [abstract]
36. Z. Beiranvand, A. Kakanejadifard, I. S. Donskyi, A. Faghani, Z. Tu, A. Lippitz, P. Sasanpour, F. Maschietto, B. Paulus, W. E. S. Unger, R. Haag and M. Adeli
Functionalization of fullerene at room temperature: toward new carbon vectors with improved physicochemical properties
RSC Adv. 6 (2016), 112771  [abstract]
37. T. Takieh, P. Sasanpour and H. Rafii Tabar
Neurophysiological Effect of External Electromagnetic Field: A Computational Modeling
NANO: Brief Repo. and Rev. 11 (2016), 1650111(1-9)  [abstract]
38. T. Takieh, S. Shahzadi, H. Rafii Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Are deformed neurons electrophysiologically altered? A simulation study
Current App. Phys. 16 (2016), 1413-1417  [abstract]
39. M. Paryavi, A. Montazeri, T. Takieh and P. Sasanpour
Nanoscale deflection detection of a cantilever-based biosensor using MOSFET structure: A theoretical analysis
Superlattices and Microstructures 98 (2016), 116-120  [abstract]
40. T. Takieh, P. Sasanpour and H. Rafii Tabar
Effects of electromagnetic field exposure on conduction and concentration of voltage gated calcium channels:A Brownian dynamics study
Brain Research 1646 (2016), 560-569  [abstract]
41. N. Rafieiolhosseini, M. Poplova, P. Sasanpour, H. Rafii-Tabar, M. Rafiee Alhossaini and M. Cifra
Photocount statistics of ultra-weak photon emission from germinating mung bean
J. Photochem. Photobio. B: Biology 162 (2016), 50-55  [abstract]
42. P. Sasanpour and R. Mohammadpour
Trap density measurement in three-dimensional nanostructured photoelectrode of titanium dioxide with various morphologies
Appl. Physic.A 122 (2016), 476(1-6)  [abstract]
43. H. Samadinia, M. R. Razaghi, M. Hormozi Nezhad, H. Rafii Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Effect of size and geometry of gold nanostructures in performance of laser-based hyperthermia: a multiscalemultiphysics modelling
J. Phys.: Conf. Series 673 (2016), 012003(1-5)  [abstract]
44. F. Mohagheghian, P. Sasanpour and H. Rafii Tabar
Effect of Geometry on Propagation of Action Potentials in Neurons; An In Silico Analysis
ELNANO (2015),   [abstract]
45. P. Sasanpour, R. Mohammadpour and K. Amiri
Neural Implant Stimulation Based on TiO2 Nanostructured Arrays; A Multiphysics Modeling Verification
IECBES (2014), 677-680  [abstract]
46. P. Sasanpour and R. Mohammadpour
Theoretical calculation of scattering efficiency of isotropic and anisotropic scattering particles employed in nanostructured solar cells
J. Optics 15 (2014), 055703(10pp)  [abstract]
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