“Mohammad-Reza Abolghasemi-Dehaqani”


IPM Positions

Part-time Faculty, School of Cognitive Sciences
Member, Scientific Council, School of Cognitive Sciences
(2018 - Present
(Assistant Professor at University of Tehran))

Past IPM Positions

PostDoctoral Associate, School of Cognitive Sciences
(2014 - 2018)
Ph.D. Student, School of Cognitive Sciences
(2009 - 2014)

Research Interests

Object recognition and categorization
Neural mechanisms of attention and decision making
Autism and neurodevelopmental disorder
Brain machine interface

Related Papers

1. A. Fadaei and M. Abolghasemi Dehaqani
Going beyond still images to improve input variance resilience in multi-stream vision understanding models
Scientific Reports 14 (2024),   [abstract]
2. R. Toosi, B. Karami, F. Shakerian, . , J. Noroozi, . , E. Rezayat, A.H. Vahabie and M.R. A. Dehaqani
The Spatial Frequency Representation Predicts Category Coding in the Inferior Temporal Cortex
eLife (2024),   [abstract]
3. L. Rezayat, M.H. Ghajar, A. Naji, J. Noroozi, M.R. A. Dehaqani and E. Rezayat
A low-cost protocol for reconditioning of deep-brain neural microelectrodes with material failure for electrophysiology recording
Biomedical Phys. & Engineering Express (2024),   [abstract]
4. J. Noroozi, M. Ahmadi, A. Shahamati, E. Rezayat and M.R. A. Dehaqani
Development of an Automated Training Device for Macaque Monkeys
Basic and Clinical Neuroscience (2023),   [abstract]
5. E. Rezayat, H. Heidari-Gorji, P. Narimani, F. Shayahfar, J. Noroozi, E. Shahbazi, A. Ertiaei and M.R. A. Dehaqani
A multimodal imaging-guided software for access to primate brains
Heliyon 9 (2023), e12675  [abstract]
6. E. Rezayat, K. Clark, M.R. Abolghasemi-Dehaqani and B. Noudoust
Dependence of Working Memory on Coordinated Activity Across Brain Areas
Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience (2022),   [abstract]
7. E. Rrzayat, M. A. Dehaqani, K. Clark, Z. Bahmani, T. Moore and B. Noudoost
Frontotemporal coordination predicts working memory performance and its local neural signatures
Nature Communications 12 (2021),   [abstract]
8. R. Toosi, M. Akhaee and M. Abolghasemi-Dehaqani
An Adaptive Detection for Automatic Spike Sorting Based on Mixture of Skew-t distributions
 (Preprint) [abstract]
9. MR. Dehaghani, H. Vahabie, MB. Parsa, B. Noudoost and AR. Soltani
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12. M.R.A. Dehaqani, M.A. Zarei, A.H. Vahabie and H. Esteky
Selective impairment of perceptual closure in autism
( In: Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, Florida, 2016.)
13. S. Salehi, M.R.A. Dehaqani and H. Esteky
Enhansive and suppressive face neurons form two distinct physiological networks for course and fine face representations in inferotemopral cortex
( In: Program No. 530.09 / WW22, Society for Neuroscience Meeting. San Diego, 2016.)
14. M. Parsa, M.R.A. Dehaqani, B. Mumey, C. Stengel and B. Noudoost
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15. M.D. Curry, M. Parsa, A. Cilker, L. Violetti, M.R.A. Dehaqani and B. Noudoost
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16. M.R.A. Dehaqani, A.H. Vahabie, B. Noudoost and A. Soltani
Complementary contributions of high-dimensional representation and noise correlation to cognitive processes
( In: Program No. 81.05 / DDD10, Society for Neuroscience Meeting. San Diego )
17. M.R.A. Dehaqani, M.A. Zarei, A.H. Vahabie and H. Esteky
Impairment of perceptual closure in autism for vertex-but not edge-defined object images
Journal of Vision 16 (2016), 10-10  [abstract]
18. M.R.A. Dehaqani, A. Vahabie, R. Kiani, M. Ahmadabadi, B. Araabi and H. Esteky
Temporal dynamics of visual category representation in the macaque inferior temporal cortex
Journal of Neurophysiology 116 (2016), 587-601  [abstract]
19. A.H. Vahabie , M.R.A. Dehaqani, C. Sun, B. Noudoost and A. Soltani
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Middle East Journal of Cancer 4 (2013), 153-162  [abstract]
21. H. Jamalabadi, H. Nasrollahi, M.N. Ahmadabadi, B.N. Araabi, A. Vahabie and M.R.A. Dehaqani
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( In: In International Conference on Neural Information Processing (pp. 160-167). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. (2012, November))
22. E. Safavieh, A. Gheibi, M.R.A. Dehaqani and A. Mohades
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( In: In Computer Conference, 2009. CSICC 2009. 14th International CSI. IEEE.)
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