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IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Nano Science
(2012 - Present )

Past IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Nano Science
(2010 - 2012)

Related Papers

1. A. . Kardani, A. Montazeri and H. M. . Urbassek
Unraveling the temperature-dependent plastic deformation mechanisms of polycrystalline Ta implants through numerical analysis of grain boundary dynamics
J. Mat. Sci. 15 (2022), 16490â??16506  [abstract]
2. S. Rastegar and A. Montazeri
Atomistic insights into the toughening role of surface-treated boron nitride nanosheets in PLA-based nanocomposites
Eur. Polymer Journal 168 (2022), 111071  [abstract]
3. A. H. Atabaki, A. Montazeri, H. Rafii-Tabar and P. Sasanpour
Determination of the optimal location of samples on quartz tuning fork-based biosensors: a computational study
Biomedical Phys. & Engineering Express 7 (2021), 065024  [abstract]
4. K. Hasheminejad, A. Montazeri and H. Hasheminejad
Tailoring adhesion characteristics of poly(L-lactic acid)/graphene nanocomposites by end-grafted polymer chains: An atomic-level study
Eur. Polymer Journal 148 (2021), 110351  [abstract]
5. M. Mohebali, N. Rezapour, P. Shadmani and A. Montazeri
An MD-based systematic study on the mechanical characteristics of a novel hybrid CNT/graphene drug carrier
J. Mol. Model 26 (2020), 241  [abstract]
6. F. Momeni, B. Mehrafrooz, A. Montazeri and A. Rajabpour
MD-based design of bilayer graphene-hBN heterostructures: An insight into enhanced thermal transport
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 150 (2020), 119282  [abstract]
7. M. Sadegh Alborzi, A. Rajabpour and A. Montazeri
Heat transport in 2D van der Waals heterostructures: An analytical modeling approach
Int. J. Thermal Sciences 150 (2020), 106237  [abstract]
8. P . Shadmani, . Mehrafrooz, A. Montazeri and R . Naghdabadi
Protein corona impact on nanoparticle-cell interactions: toward an energy-based model of endocytosis
J. Physics: Condens. Matter 32 (2020), 115101  [abstract]
9. S. Mohammadi, A. Montazeri and H. M. Urbassek
Geometrical aspects of nanofillers influence the tribological performance of Al-based nanocomposites
Wear (2020), 444  [abstract]
10. M. Tavakol, A. Montazeri , S. H. Aboutalebi and R. Asgari
Mechanical properties of graphene oxide: the impact of functional groups
Appl. Surf. Sci. 525 (2020), 146554  [abstract]
11. M. Azizinia, B. Mehrafrooz, A. Montazeri and A. Rajabpour
Thermal transport engineering in single layered graphene sheets via MD simulations: On the effect of nickel coating
Int. J. Thermal Sciences 138 (2019), 416  [abstract]
12. M. Tavakol, A. Montazeri, R. Naghdabadi, M. J. Hajipour, S. Zanganeh, G. Caracciolo and M. Mahmoudi
Disease-related metabolites affect protein- nanoparticle interactions
Nanoscale 10 (2018), 7108  [abstract]
13. A. Kardani, B. Mehrafrooz and A. Montazeri
MD-based computational design of newengineered Ni-based nanocatalysts: An in-depth study of the underlying mechanism
Eur. Phys. J. plus 133 (2018),   [abstract]
14. P. Shadmani, A. Montazer Hedesh, N. Taherifar and B. Motevalli
Telescopic oscillations of double-walled carbon nanotubes in the presence of an inner semi-infinite tube
Int. J. Mechanical Science 121 (2017), 187  [abstract]
15. H. Montazeri, M. Ahmadi, T. Tekieh , A. Montazeri and P. Sasanpour
Optimization of Growth Medium Position for Improved Operation of Quartz Tuning Fork Biosensor
IECBES (2016), 67-69  [abstract]
16. M. Paryavi, A. Montazeri, T. Takieh and P. Sasanpour
Nanoscale deflection detection of a cantilever-based biosensor using MOSFET structure: A theoretical analysis
Superlattices and Microstructures 98 (2016), 116-120  [abstract]
17. A. Montazeri, S. Ebrahimi, A. Rajabpour and H. Rafii Tabar
Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Buckling Behavior of Hydrogenated Graphyne
NANO: Brief Repo. and Rev. 10 (2015), 1550105(1-8)  [abstract]
18. A. Montazeri, S. Ebrahimi and H. Rafii Tabar
A molecular dynamics investigation of buckling behaviour of hydrogenated graphene
Molecular Simulation 41 (2015), 1212-1218  [abstract]
19. B. Motevalli, A. Montazeri, J.Z . Liu and H. Rafii Tabar
Comparison of continuum-based and atomistic-based modeling of axial buckling of carbon nanotubes subject to hydrostatic pressure
Computational Material Science 79 (2013), 619-626  [abstract]
20. S. Ebrahimi, A. Montazeri and H. Rafii Tabar
Molecular dynamics study of a new mechanism for ripple formation on graphene nanoribbons at very low temperatures based on H2 physisorption
Solid State Commun. 159 (2013), 84-87  [abstract]
21. S. Ebrahimi, A. Montazeri and H. Rafii-Tabar
Molecular dynamics study of the interfacial mechanical properties of the graphene-collagen biological nanocomposite
Computational Material Science 69 (2013), 11  [abstract]
22. B. Motevalli, A. Montazeri, R. Tavakolli-Darestani and H. Rafii Tabar
Modeling the buckling behavior of carbon nanotubes under simultaneous combination of compressive and torsional loads
Physica E 46 (2012), 139-148  [abstract]
23. A. Montazeri, M. Sadeghi, R. Naghdabadi and H. Rafii Tabar
Multiscale modeling of the effect of carbon nanotube orientation on the shear deformation properties of reinforced polymer-based composites
Phys. Lett. A 375 (2011), 9  [abstract]
24. R. Ansari, B. Motevalli, A. Montazeri and S. Ajori
Fracture analysis of monolayer graphene sheets with double vacancy defects via MD simulation
Solid State Commun. 151 (2011), 6  [abstract]
25. A. Montazeri and H. Rafii Tabar
Multiscale modeling of graphene- and nanotube-based reinforced polymer nanocomposites
Phys. Lett. A 375 (2011), 7  [abstract]
26. A. Montazeri, M. Sadeghi, R. Naghdabadi and H. Rafii Tabar
Computational modeling of the transverse-isotropic elastic properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Computational Material Science 49 (2010), 8  [abstract]
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