“Fariborz Parhizgar”

Tel:  +21 22280692
Fax:  +21 22280415

IPM Positions

PostDoctoral Associate, School of Physics
(2015 - 2017
(October ))

Past IPM Positions

Ph.D. Student, School of Physics
(2010 - 2015)

Research Interests

*Transport and many-body properties of two-dimensional systems
*Graphene systems
*Topologicaal superconductors and topological insulators

Related Papers

1. M. Zare, F. Parhizgar and R. Asgari
Strongly anisotropic RKKY interaction in monolayer black phosphorus
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 456 (2018), 307-315  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2017/021
2. F. Parhizgar and A. M. Black-Schaffer
Highly tunable time-reversal-invariant topological superconductivity in topological insulator thin films
Scientific Reports 7 (2017), 9817   [abstract]
arXive.org link: 1609.01038 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P-2017/027
3. M. Shiranzaei, F. Parhizgar, J. Fransson and H. Cheraghchi
Impurity scattering on the surface of topological-insulator thin films
Phys. Rev. B 95 (2017), 235429  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2017/026
4. M. Shiranzaei, H. Cheraghchi and F. Parhizgar
Effect of the Rashba splitting on the RKKY interaction in topological-insulator thin films
Phys. Rev. B 96 (2017), 024413  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2017/025
5. F. Parhizgar, A. Qaiumzadeh and E. Asgari
Quantum capacitance of double-layer graphene
Phys. Rev. B 96 (2017), 075447   [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2017/018 Note: Published 31 August 2017
6. A. Mazloom, F. Parhizgar, S. H.Abedinpour and R. Asgari
Relaxation times and charge conductivity of silicene
Phys. Rev. B 94 (2016), 035153  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2016/005 Note: Published 26 July 2016
7. M. Zare, F. Parhizgar and R. Asgari
Topological phase and edge states dependence of the RKKY interaction in zigzag silicene nanoribbon
Phys. Rev. B 94 (2016), 045443  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2015/031
8. F. Parhizgar, A. G. Moghaddam and R. Asgari
Optical responses and optical activity of ultrathin film topological insulator
Phys. Rev. B 92 (2015), 045429  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2014/055
9. F. Parhizgar and A.M. Black-Schaffer
Unconventional proximity-induced superconductivity in bilayer systems
Phys. Rev. B 90 (2014), 184517  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2014/062
10. F. Parhizgar and R. Asgari
Magnetoresistance of Double Layer Hybrid System in Tilted Magnetic Field
Phys. Rev. B 90 (2014), 035438  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2014/009
11. F. Parhizgar, M. Sherafati, R. Asgari and S. Satpathy
Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida Interaction in Biased Bilayer Graphene
Phys. Rev. B 87 (2013), 165429  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2013/007
12. F. Parhizgar, H. Rostami and R. Asgari
Indirect Exchange Interaction between Magnetic Adatoms in Monolayer MoS2
Phys. Rev. B 87 (2013), 125401  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2012/050
13. F. Parhizgar, R. Asgari, S. Abedinpour and M. Zareyan
Anisotropic RKKY Interaction in Spin-Polarized Graphene
Phys. Rev. B 87 (2013), 125402  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2012/039
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