“Mahmoud Morvarid”

Tel:  (+9821)2310 ext. 2187
Fax:  22828079

IPM Positions

Faculty Member , School of Analytic Philosophy
(2017 - Present )

Past IPM Positions

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Analytic Philosophy
(2011 - 2017)
Ph.D. Student, School of Analytic Philosophy
(2005 - 2011)

Related Papers

1. H. Vahid and M. Morvarid
"Responses to Segal and Garfield" in Dialogues in the Philosophy of Religion
 (Forthcoming) [abstract]
2. H. Vahid and M. Morvarid
"Revelation and Religious Experience" in Dialogues in the Philosophy of Religion
 (Forthcoming) [abstract]
3. M. Morvarid
Mereology is not a Guide to (In)conceivability: A Reply to Giberman
Dialectica 999 (2022),   [abstract]
4. M. Morvarid
Seddiqin Argument
The Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion (Accepted) [abstract]
5. M. Morvarid
Truthmaking, resemblance, and divine simplicity
Religious Studies (2021),   [abstract]
6. M. Morvarid
A new argument for the incompatibility of content externalism with justification internalism
Synthese 198 (2021), 2333-2353  [abstract]
7. M. Morvarid
The Discrimination Argument: A Reply to Dierig
Erkenntnis 79 (2014), 1209-1219   [abstract]
8. M. Morvarid
Reference Failure, Illusion of Thought and Self-Knowledge
Dialectica 67 (2013), 303-323  [abstract]
9. M. Morvarid
The Epistemological Bases of the Slow Switching Argument
European Journal of Philosophy (2012),   [abstract]
10. M. Morvarid
Allamah Tabataba'i's Siddiqin Argument of God: A Critical Look
(2008),   [abstract]
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