“ Ebrahim Azadegan”


IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Analytic Philosophy
(2017 - 2022 )

Past IPM Positions

Ph.D. Student, School of Analytic Philosophy
(2005 - 2011)

Related Papers

1. E. Azadegan
On the incompatibility of God's knowledge of particulars and the doctrine of divine immutability: towards a reform in Islamic theology
Religious Studies (2020), 1-18  [abstract]
2. E. Azadegan
Human Dignity and the Future of the Human Rights Debate in the Islamic World
Asiatica 13 (2019), 51-77  [abstract]
3. E. Azadegan
Evil in the Fine-Tuned World
The Heythrop journal (2019), 1-10  [abstract]
4. E. Azadegan
Review of Business Ethics: A Kantian Perspective, by Norman E. Bowie. 2nd edition
Journal of Business Ethics (2017),   [abstract]
5. E. Azadegan
Antitheism and Gratuitous Evil
Heythrop Journal DOI: 10.1111/heyj.12717 (2017),   [abstract]
6. E. Azadegan
Divine Love and The Argument from Divine Hiddenness
European Journal for Philosophy of Religion (Accepted) [abstract]
7. E. Azadegan
The Problem of Divine Hiddnness
Journal of Ibn Arabi Society 53 (2013), 49-67  [abstract]
8. E. Azadegan
Divine Hiddenness and Human Sin: The Noetic Effect of Sin
Journal of Reformed Theology 7 (2013), 69-90  [abstract]
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