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IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Physics
(2007 - 2015 )

Research Interests

Condensed Matter Physics

Related Papers

1. A. Esmailpour, M. Abdolmaleki and M. Saadat
Dc conductance of ordered and disordered silicene superlattices
JHEP 01 (2016), 106  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2016/090
2. A. Esmailpour, M. Abdolmaleki and M. Saadat
Electronic properties of silicene superlattices
 (Preprint) [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2015/015
3. Sh. Lotfallahzadeh, M. Anvari, N. Ekhtiary, A. Esmailpour and M.R. Rahimi Tabar
Localization in the Anderson model with long-range correlated hopping and on-site disorders
Waves in Random and Complex Media (2014),   [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2014/049
4. A. Esmailpour, H. Meshkin and M. Saadat
Conductance of Disordered Strain-Induced Graphene Superlattices
Physica E 50 (2013), 57-60  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2013/011
5. S. Jafari, A. Sheikhan, A. Esmailpour, M. Anvari and M. R. Rahimi Tabar
Metal-Insulator Transition in Three Dimensional Anderson Superlattice with Rough Interfaces
Phys. Rev. B 85 (2012), 224204  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2012/013
6. A. Esmailpour
Divergence of Localization Lengthin Short-Range Correlated Superlattices
Physica E 43 (2012), 1334-1337  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2012/006
7. A. Esmailpour, H. Meshkin and R. Asgari
Conductance of Graphene Superlattices with Correlated Disorder in Velocity Profiles
Solid State Commun. 152 (2012), 1896-1901  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2012/002
8. M. Esmailpour, A. Esmailpour, R. Asgari, M. Elahi and M.R. Rahimi Tabar
Effect of a Gap Opening on the Conductance of Graphene Superlattices
Solid State Commun. 150 (2010), 655-659  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2009/023
9. N. Abedpour, A. Esmailpour, R. Asgari and M. R . Rahimi Tabar
Conductance of a Disordered Graphene Superlattice
Phys. Rev. B 79 (2009), 165412  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2008/051
10. A. Esmailpour, M. Esmailpour, A. Sheikhan, M. Elahi, M.R. Rahimi Tabar and M. Sahimi
Localization Properties of Acoustic Waves in the Random Dimer Media
Phys. Rev. B 78 (2008), 134206  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2008/034
11. A. Bahraminasab, A. Esmailpour, M. Vaez Allaei, F. Shahbazi, M. Sahimi and M.R. Rahimi Tabar
Reply to "Comment on "Renormalization Group Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Propagation and Localization of Acoustic Waves in Heterogeneous Media""
Phys. Rev. B 77 (2008), 216302  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2008/033
12. A. Esmailpour, P. Carpena and M.R. Rahimi Tabar
Metal-Insulator Transition in Random Superlattices with Long-Range Correlated Disorder
( In: Condensed Matter Physics Conference of Balkan Countries, Mugla University , Mugla , TURKEY, 26 - 28 May, 2008)
Code: IPM/P-2008/032
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