“Mehdi Neek-Amal”

Tel:  +98 21 22280692
Fax:  +98 21 22280415

IPM Positions

PostDoctoral Associate, School of Physics
(2008 - 2009
(2008-23 July 2009))

Past IPM Positions

Ph.D. Student, School of Nano Science
(2004 - 2008)

Research Interests

Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Graphene Membrane

Present Research Project at IPM

Mechanical Properties of Graphene

Related Papers

1. A. Lohrasebi, M. Neek-Amal and M. R. Ejtehadi
Directed motion of C60 on a graphene sheet subjected to a temprature gradient
Phys. Rev. E 83 (2011),   [abstract]
2. M. Neek-Amal and R. Asgari
Nano-Indentation of Circular Graphene Flakes
 (Preprint) [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2009/011
3. M. Neek-Amal, A. Lajevardipour and H.R. Sepangi
Electric Field Effects on Nano-Scale Bio-Membrane of Spherical Cells
Physica A 388 (2009), 120-128  [abstract]
arXive.org link: arXiv:0811.4238 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P-2008/064
4. M. Neek-Amal, R. Asgari and M.R. Rahimi Tabar
Formation of Atomic Nanoclusters on Graphene Sheets
Nanotech. 20 (2009), 135602  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2008/052
5. M. Neek Amal, R. Moussavi and H. R. Sepanji
Monte Carlo simulation of size-effects on thermal conductivity in a 2-dimensional Ising system
Physica A 371 (2008), 424  [abstract]
6. M. Neek-Amal, G. Tayebirad , M. Molayem, M. E. Fouladvand, A. Namiranian and L. Esmaeili-Sereshki
Ground State Study of simple atoms within a nanoscale box
Solid State Commun. 145 (2007), 6  [abstract]
7. M. E. Fouladvand and M. Neek-Amal
Asymmetric simple exclusion process describing conflicting traffic flows
EPL 80 (2007), 1-6  [abstract]
8. N. Abedpour, M. Neek-Amal, R. Asgari, F. Shahbazi, N. Nafari and M. R . Rahimi Tabar
Roughness of undoped graphene and its short-range induced gauge field
Phys. Rev. B 76 (2007), 1-5  [abstract]
9. M. Neek-Amal, G. Tayebirad and R. Asgari
Ground-state properties of a confined simple atom by C60 fullerene
J. Phys. B 40 (2007),   [abstract]
10. M. Neek Amal and H. Rafii Tabar
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Thermal Conductivity of FCC Metallic Nano-Crystals
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 2 (2005), 1-5  [abstract]
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