“Parviz Sahandi”

Tel:  (+98)(411)3392883
Fax:  (+98)(411)3342102

IPM Positions

Non Resident Researcher (non-resident), School of Mathematics
(2009 - 2013 )

Past IPM Positions

Student Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2006 - 2007)
(Until December )
Student Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2003 - 2005)

Non IPM Affiliations

Assistant Professor of University of Tabriz

Research Interests

Commutative Algebra and Homological Dimensions

Related Papers

1. P. Sahandi
Characterizations of graded Prufer ∗-multiplication domains, II
Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. (Accepted) [abstract]
2. P. Sahandi (Joint with N. Shirmohammadi)
Notes on amalgamated duplication of a ring along an ideal
Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. 41 (2015), 749-757  [abstract]
3. P. Sahandi
Characterizations of graded Prufer ∗-multiplication domains
Korean J. Math. 22 (2014), 181-206  [abstract]
4. P. Sahandi
On quasi-Prufer and UMt domains
Comm. Algebra 42 (2014), 299-305  [abstract]
5. P. Sahandi and N. Shirmomahhadi
On a subclass of semistar going-down domains
IEJA 14 (2013), 53-68  [abstract]
6. P. Sahandi (Joint with D. E. Dobbs)
Semistar normal pairs and related characterizations of P*MDS
Houston J. Math. 38 (2012), 713-739  [abstract]
7. P. Sahandi and N. Shirmohammadi (S. Yassemi)
Comparison of multiplicity and final Betti number of a standard graded K-Algebra
Algebra Colloq. 19 (2012), 1167-1170  [abstract]
8. P. Sahandi and T. Sharif (Joint with S. Yassemi)
Complete intersection flat dimension and the intersection theorem
Algebra Colloq. 19 (2012), 1161-1166  [abstract]
9. K. Borna, P. Sahandi and S. Yassemi
Cofiniteness of generalized local cohomology modules
Bull. Austral. Math. Soc. 83 (2011), 382-388  [abstract]
10. P. Sahandi, T. Sharif and S. Yassemi
Depth Formula via complete intersection flat dimension
Comm. Algebra 39 (2011), 4002-4013  [abstract]
11. P. Sahandi
Semistar dimension of polynomial rings and Prufer-Like domains
Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. 37 (2011), 217-233  [abstract]
12. P. Sahandi (Joint with D. E. Dobbs)
On semistar Nagata rings, Prufer-like domains and semistar going-down domains
Houston J. Math. 37 (2011), 715-731  [abstract]
13. P. Sahandi
Universally catenarian integral domains, strong S-domains and semistar operations
Comm. Algebra 38 (2010), 673-683  [abstract]
14. P. Sahandi
Minimal prime ideals and semistar operations
Rocky Mountain J. Math. 40 (2010), 1039-1049  [abstract]
15. P. Sahandi
Semistar-Krull and valuative dimension of integral domains
Ricerche mat. 58 (2009), 219-242  [abstract]
16. P. Sahandi (Joint with D. E. Dobbs)
Going-Down and semistar operations
J. Algebra Appl. 8 (2009), 83-104  [abstract]
17. P. Sahandi (and S. Yassemi)
Filter rings under flat base change
Algebra Colloq. 15 (2008), 463-470  [abstract]
18. T. Sharif and P. Sahandi
Dual of the Auslander-Bridger formula and GF-perfectness
Math. Scand. 101 (2007), 5-18  [abstract]
19. K. Borna Lorestani, P. Sahandi and T. Sharif
A note on the associated primes of local cohomology modules
Comm. Algebra 22 (2006), 3409-3412  [abstract]
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