“Azizollah Azizi”


IPM Positions

Non Resident Researcher, School of Physics
(2000 - 2004 )

Non IPM Affiliations

Assistant Professor of Shiraz University

Research Interests

Nonlinear Physics, Solitons, String Theory, Monopales

Present Research Project at IPM

1Soliton Solutions for $\phi^{4}$ compled fields 2- Scattering of nonabelian particles in nonabelian fields

Related Papers

1. A. Azizi
Stable Orbits in a Higgs-Monopole Field
J. Math. Phys. 43 (2002), 1136-1151   [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2001/082
2. A. Azizi
Planar Trajectories in A Monopole Field
J. Math. Phys. 43 (2002), 299-317  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2001/016
3. N. Riazi, A. Azizi and S.M. Zebarjad
Soliton Decay in Coupled System of Scalar Fields
Phys. Rev. D 66 (2002), 065003  [abstract]
arXive.org link: hep-th/0202122 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P-2002/087
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