“Abdollah Langari”

Tel:  +98 21 22280692
Fax:  +98 21 22280415

IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Physics
(2014 - 2019 )

Past IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Physics
(2005 - 2008)
Non Resident Researcher, School of Physics
(1996 - 2004)

Non IPM Affiliations

Professor of Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Research Interests

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Spin Models

Research Activities

The collective effects of multicomponent glasses is studied at very low temperature. We are trying to explain the unexpected dielectric and pulse echo response of this system in the presence of magnetic field. We have introduced any XY type of interaction to be responsible for this effects. In this study we implement Lanczox exact diagonalization for studying few tunneling centers.

Present Research Project at IPM

Coherent Motion in Cold Glasses.

Related Papers

1. A. Faridi, R. Asgari and A. Langari
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Phys. Rev. B 98 (2018), 155442  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2018/028 Note: Published 31 October 2018
2. R. Jafari, A. Langari, A. Akbari and K. Seok Kim
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J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 86 (2017), 024008   [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2017/004
3. M. Sadrzadeh, R. Haghshenas, S.S. Jahromi and A. Langari
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Phys. Rev. B 94 (2016), 214419  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2016/080 Note: https://journals.aps.org/prb/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevB.94.214419
4. R. Haghshenas, A. Langari and T. Rezakhani
Characterization of topological phases in the compass ladder model
J. Physics: Condens. Matter 28 (2016), 176001  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2016/027
5. A. Faridi, R. Asgari and A. Langari
Electron mobility of a two-dimensional electron gas
at the interface of SrTiO3 and LaAlO3

Phys. Rev. B 93 (2016), 235306  [abstract]
Code: IPM/P-2016/017
6. M. Siahatgar and A. Langari
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Code: IPM/P-2004/088
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