“S. Mohammad Bagheri”

Tel:  (+98)(21)22290928
Fax:  (+98)(21)22290648

IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2009 - 2013 )

Past IPM Positions

Associate Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2006 - 2007)
Associate Researcher (non-resident), School of Mathematics
(2004 - 2006)
(Since October )

Associate Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2001 - 2004)

Non IPM Affiliations

Assistant Professor of Tarbiat Modares University

Research Activities

I work in the following three subjects:

1. Properties of translations of complete first order theories: A translation of a theory T is a function which permutes ?-definable subsets of models of T. In other words, a translation is an automorphism of the Lindenbaum algebra (of formulas) of T. A translation can be realized by (different) functions over w-saturated models of T and hence, it can be considered as a generalization of of automorphism. This project is a continuation of work done in [].

2. Amalgamation and joint embedding properties for classes of structures: There is vast body of work here. I am concentrated more on classes of graphs obtained by geometric realizations e.g. graphs embeddable in a smooth surface. However, other classes are also of my interest e.g. classes of ordered fields (see [].)

3. Model theory of Kripke structures: Some partial works are done here but one of main obstacles is non-equivalence of equivalent classical definitions. I and Morteza Moniri are trying to obtain better results by choosing best definitions. In [] we have adopted one and proved some elementary results.



S. M. Bagheri, On Translations of Complete First Order Theories; to appear in Mathematical Logic Quarterly.


S. M. Bagheri and Morteza Moniri, JEP and AP for Some Classes of Ordered Fields; submitted.


S. M. Bagheri and Morteza Moniri, Some Results on Kripke Models an Arbitrary Fixed Frame; submitted.

Present Research Project at IPM

Research Project

Related Papers

1. S. M . Bagheri (Joint with Mor. Moniri)
Preservation theorems in Lukasiewicz model theory
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Diagram construction in intuitionistic logic
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5. S. M. Bagheri
Categoricity and quantifier elimination for intuitionistic theories
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10. S. M. Bagheri
Fundamental order of a one-based theory
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