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IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2001 - 2004 )

Research Activities

In this project we (Emamizadeh and Nycander) will investigate the existence of a two dimensional steady flow which contains a bounded vortex. The vorticity is a rearrangement of a given function, and the domain of the flow is the whole plane. Similar problems have been considered in recent years by Emamizadeh, but the novelty of the present situation is the fact that here the presence of localized seamount will cause the unavailability of standard methods known in the literature.

Our prediction is that such flow exists and the vortex is attached to the support of the seamount. This speculation has been confirmed numerically by Nycander. The case of symmetric seamounts and bounded domains have also been investigated by Emamizadeh and Mehrabi which will be reported elsewhere.


1Keywords: Rearrangements, Vorticity, Irrotational fows, Elliptic partial differential equations, Variational problem ?

Present Research Project at IPM

Variational problems for vortices attached to seamounts1

Related Papers

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