“Roohollah Ebrahimian”

Tel:  2290928
Fax:  2290648

IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Mathematics
(2000 - 2001 )

Related Papers

1. S. Akbari, R. Ebrahimian, H. Momenaee Kermani and A. Salehi Golsefidy
Maximal subgroups of GLn(D)*
J. Algebra 259 (2003), 201-225  [abstract]
2. H. Momenaee Kermani, S. Akbari, R. Ebrahimian and A. Salehi Golsefidy
The group of units of an Artinian ring
Algebra Colloq. 9 (2002), 81-88  [abstract]
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