“Hamid Vahid”


IPM Positions

Head, School of Analytic Philosophy
Faculty Member , School of Analytic Philosophy
(1988 - Present )

Non IPM Affiliations

Faculty Member of IPM

Research Interests

Epistemology,Philosophy of mind ,Philosophical logic

Related Papers

1. H. Vahid
Dogmatism and Perceptual Justification: A Reason-Theoretic Foundation
The Southern Journal of Philosophy (Forthcoming) [abstract]
2. H. Vahid
Evidentialism, Rational Deliberation, and the Basing Relation
Journal of Philosophical Research (Forthcoming) [abstract]
3. H. Vahid and M. Morvarid
"Responses to Segal and Garfield" in Dialogues in the Philosophy of Religion
 (Forthcoming) [abstract]
4. H. Vahid and M. Morvarid
"Revelation and Religious Experience" in Dialogues in the Philosophy of Religion
 (Forthcoming) [abstract]
5. H. Vahid
"Faith, Knowledge and Certainty: An Islamic Philosophy Perspective" in Analytic Philosophy of Islam
 (Forthcoming) [abstract]
6. H. Vahid
"Making Sense of Obligatory Faith in the Quran" in Regulative Verses of the Quran
 (Forthcoming) [abstract]
7. H. Vahid
Faith: Intention to Form Theistic Beliefs
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 93 (2023), 39-50  [abstract]
8. H. Vahid
No Practical Reasons for Belief: The Epistemic Significance of Practical Considerations
Synthese 200 (2022), 1-18  [abstract]
9. H. Vahid
Doxastic Conservatism
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) (2021),   [abstract]
10. H. Vahid
The Dispositional Architecture of Epistemic Reasons
 (Books) [abstract]
11. H. Vahid
Dispositions and the Problem of the Basing Relation
 (Books) [abstract]
12. H. Vahid
Internalism and Externalism
 (Books) [abstract]
13. H. Vahid
The noetic effects of sin: a dispositional framework
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 86 (2019), 199-211  [abstract]
14. H. Vahid
The Dispositional Architecture of Epistemic Reasons
Philosophical Studies 176 (2019), 1887-1904  [abstract]
15. H. Vahid
Religious Diversity: The Cognitive Penetrability of Religious Perception,
Faith and Philosophy 35 (2018),   [abstract]
16. H. Vahid
A Reverse Interpretation Model of testimony
Acta Analytica 33 (2018), 85-102  [abstract]
17. H. Vahid
Deontological Conservatism and Perceptual Justification
Theoria 83 (2017), 206-224  [abstract]
18. H. Vahid
Entitlement and the Epistemic Status of Cornerstone Beliefs
Grazer Philosophische Studien 94 (2017), 126-137  [abstract]
19. H. Vahid
A dispositional analysis of propositional and doxastic justification
Philosophical Studies 173 (2016), 3133-3152  [abstract]
20. H. Vahid
Epistemic Normativity: From Direct to Indirect Epistemic Consequentialism
 (Books) [abstract]
21. H. Vahid
The Aim of Justification and the Difference-making Principles
Acta Analytica 31 (2016), 11-29  [abstract]
22. H. Vahid
Vocabulary for the Study of Religion, Brill Publishers (2015),   [abstract]
23. H. Vahid
On the Significance of Difference-Making Principles
Metaphilosophy 46 (2015), 564-574  [abstract]
24. H. Vahid
Epistemic Akrasia, Higher-order Evidence and Charitable Belief Attribution
International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 5 (2015), 296-314  [abstract]
25. H. Vahid
Cognitive Penetration, the Downgrade Principle, and Extended Cognition
Philosophical Issues (Noûs) 24 (2014), 439-459  [abstract]
26. H. Vahid
Varieties of Pragmatic Encroachment
Acta Analytica 29 (2014), 25-41  [abstract]
27. H. Vahid
Skepticism, A Priori Skepticism and the Possibility of Error
International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 3 (2013), 235-252  [abstract]
28. H. Vahid
Skepticism and the Liberal/Conservative Conceptions of Perceptual Justification
International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 3 (2013), 45-61  [abstract]
29. H. Vahid
The Dogmatism Paradox and the Problem of Misleading Evidence
Teorema 31 (2012), 47-57  [abstract]
30. H. Vahid
Burge on Perceptual Entitlement
Metaphilosophy 43 (2012), 187-203  [abstract]
31. H. Vahid
Skepticism and Varieties of Transcendental Argument
Logos & Episteme II (2011), 395-411  [abstract]
32. H. Vahid
The Concept of Entitlement and its Epistemic Relevance
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 92 (2011), 380-399  [abstract]
33. H. Vahid
Internalism and Externalism in Epistemology
 (Books) [abstract]
34. H. Vahid
Rationalizing Beliefs: Evidential vs. Pragmatic Reasons
Synthese 176 (2010), 447-462  [abstract]
35. H. Vahid
The Epistemology of Belief
 (Books) [abstract]
36. H. Vahid
Triangulation, Content and Basing Relation
Grazer Philosophische Studien 78 (2009), 231-250  [abstract]
37. H. Vahid
Alston on Belief and Acceptance in Religious Faith
The Heythrop journal 50 (2008), 23-30  [abstract]
38. H. Vahid
Experience and the Space of Reasons: The Problem of Nondoxastic Justification
Erkenntnis 69 (2008), 295-313  [abstract]
39. H. Vahid
Radical Interpretation and Moore's Paradox
Theoria 74 (2008), 146-163  [abstract]
Note: For a response to this paper, see: (1) Brueckner, A.: 2009, 'Moore-Paradoxicality and the Principle of Charity', Theoria, 75, 3: 245?247. (2) Williams, J., 2010, 'Moore's Paradox, Defective Interpretation, Justified Belief and Conscious Belief'. Theoria 76 (3):221-248.
40. H. Vahid
The Puzzle of Fallible Knowledge
Metaphilosophy 39 (2008), 325-344  [abstract]
41. H. Vahid
Varieties of Easy Knowledge Inference: A Resolution
Acta Analytica 22 (2007), 223-237  [abstract]
42. H. Vahid
Aiming at Truth: Doxastic Vs. Epistemic Goals
Philosophical Studies 131 (2006), 303-335  [abstract]
43. H. Vahid
Conceivability and Possibility: Chalmers on Modal Epistemology
Philosophical Explorations 9 (2006), 243-261  [abstract]
44. H. Vahid
Epistemic Justification and the Skeptical Challenge
 (Books) [abstract]
45. H. Vahid
Islamic Humanism: From Silence to Extinction
Islam and Science 3 (2005), 43-56  [abstract]
46. H. Vahid
Moore's paradox and Evan's principle: A reply to Williams' Analysis
Analysis 65 (2005), 337-341  [abstract]
Note: For a response to this paper, see: John Williams.: 2006, ?In defense of an argument for Evans?s principle: a rejoinder to Vahid?, Forthcoming, Analysis, 66.1.
47. H. Vahid
Varieties of Epistemic Conservatism
Synthese 141 (2004), 97-122  [abstract]
48. H. Vahid
Truth and the Aim of Justification
XXII (2004), 93-93  [abstract]
49. H. Vahid
Doubts about Epistemic Supervenience
JPR 29 (2004), 153-172  [abstract]
50. H. Vahid
Externalism, Slow-switching and Privileged Self-knowledge
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 66 (2003),   [abstract]
51. H. Vahid
Content externalism and internalism/externalism debate in justification theory
European Journal of Philosophy 11 (2003), 89-107  [abstract]
52. H. Vahid
The Nature and Significance of Transcendental Arguments
Kant-Studien 93 (2002), 273-290  [abstract]
53. H. Vahid
Knowledge and varieties of epistemic luck
Dialectical 55 (2001), 351-362  [abstract]
54. H. Vahid
Realism and the epistemological significance of inference to the best explanation
Dialogue XL (2001), 487-507  [abstract]
55. H. Vahid
Charity, supervenience and skepticism
Metaphilosophy 32 (2001), 308  [abstract]
56. H. Vahid
Skepticism and Varieties of Epistemic Universalizability
JPR XXVI (2001),   [abstract]
57. H. Vahid
A priori knowledge, experience and defeasibility
Int. J. Philos. Stud. 7 (1999), 173-188  [abstract]
58. H. Vahid
Deontic vs. Nondeontic Conceptions of Epistemic Justification
Erkenntnis 49 (1998), 285-301  [abstract]
59. H. Vahid
The interalism/externalism controversy: the epistemization of an older debate
Dialectical 52 (1998), 229-246  [abstract]
60. H. Vahid
Deductive closure, scepticism and the paradoxes of confirmation
Ratio (N. S.) 8 (1995), 70-86  [abstract]
Note: For a response to this paper, see: Anthony Brueckner.: 1998, 'Closure and Context', Ratio XI, pp. 78-82.
61. H. Vahid
Experience and justification: in search of the epistemic pineal gland
Philosophica 53 (1994), 91-104  [abstract]
62. H. Vahid
Experience and belief: Haack on the problem of empirical basis
Internat. Stud. Philos. Sci. 8 (1994), 139-146  [abstract]
63. H. Vahid
Origin subsequent history and necessity
Dialectica 48 (1994), 65-73  [abstract]
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