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Sima Baghbanzadeh

Institute:School of Physics
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Invited by: School of Physics
Objectives: Quantum Information Science- Quantum Computation- Quantum Control- Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems- Quantum Effects in Biology- Quantum Simulation-Quantum Phase Transitions
Related Papers
1. S. Rahimi-Keshari, S. Baghbanzadeh and C. M. Caves
In situ characterization of linear-optical networks in randomized boson sampling
Phys. Rev. A 101 (2020), 043809  [abstract]   
arXive.org link: 1909.00827 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P-2019/048
2. S. Tomasi, S. Baghbanzadeh, S. Rahimi-Keshari and I. Kassal
Coherent and controllable enhancement of light-harvesting efficiency
Phys. Rev. A 100 (2019), 043411  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/P-2019/047
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