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Mojtaba Najafizadeh

Institute:Tarbiat Modares University
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Invited by: School of Physics
Related Papers
1. M. Najafizadeh
Carroll-Schrodinger Equation
 (Preprint) [abstract]   
arXive.org link: 2403.11212 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P-2024/12
2. M. Najafizadeh
Massive to Massless by Applying a Nonlocal Field Redefinition
Phys. Rev. D 107 (2023), 045008  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/P-2023/07
3. M. Najafizadeh
Off-shell supersymmetric continuous spin gauge theory
JHEP 2022 (2022), 38  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/P-2021/42
4. M. Najafizadeh
Unconstrained Massless Higher Spin Supermultiplet in AdS$_4$
Phys. Rev. D 105 (2021), 025001  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/P-2021/001
5. M. Najafizadeh
Supersymmetric Continuous Spin Gauge Theory
JHEP 2003 (2020), 027  [abstract]   
arXive.org link: 1912.12310 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P-2019/046
6. M. Najafizadeh
Modified Wigner equations and continuous spin gauge field
Phys. Rev. D 97 (2018), 065009  [abstract]   
arXive.org link: 1708.00827 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P-2018/085
7. M. Najafizadeh
Local action for fermionic unconstrained higher spin gauge fields in AdS and dS spacetimes
Phys. Rev. D 98 (2018), 125012  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/P-2018/039
8. X. Bekaert, J. Mourad and M. Najafizadeh
Continuous-spin field propagator and interaction with matter
JHEP 11 (2017), 113  [abstract]   
arXive.org link: 1710.05788 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
Code: IPM/P-2017/094
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