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Majid Mosayebi

Institute:University of Oxford
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Invited by: School of Physics
Objectives: Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of glasses, rheology of glassy systems.
Related Papers
1. T. D Craggs, M. Sustarsic, A. Plochowietz, M. Mosayebi, H. Kaju, A. Cuthbert, J. Hohlbein, L. Domicevica, Ph. C Biggin, J. P K Doye and A. N Kapanidis
Substrate conformational dynamics facilitate structure-specific recognition of gapped DNA by DNA polymerase
Nucleic Acids Research 47 (2019), 10788-10800  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/P-2019/088
2. M. Mosayebi, A.A. Louis, J. P. K. Doye and T. E. Ouldridge
Force-Induced Rupture of a DNA Duplex: From Fundamentals to Force Sensors
ACS Nano 9(12) (2015), 11993-12003  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/P-2015/078
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