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Mohammad Hossein Partovi

Institute:California State University
City:Sacramento, CA
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Invited by: School of Physics
Objectives: The objectives were to explore venues of collaboration with IPM, Physics, particularly in the area of computation, as well as delivering lectures to the summer school on computational physics on the subjects of chaos theory and quantum computing.
Fields of Interest: Theory of nuclear forces, the relativistic two-body problem, quantum field theory, foundations of quantum and statistical mechanics, the reversibility problem in statistical mechanics, quantum thermodynamics, quantum measurement theory, quantum information dynamics, general relativity and cosmology, self-gravitating bodies in general relativity, classical and quantum chaos, photon thermodynamics and cosmic background radiation, the photon-photon interaction, economic theory, comparative statics and dynamics in economic models, economic growth with heterogeneous agents, portfolio theory, scientific computing, tangent dynamics of Hamiltonian systems, efficient computation of Lyapunov spectra for chaotic systems, chaos theory at the quantum-classical transition, quantum information and computing.
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