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Paper   IPM / Nano-Sciences / 8821
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  Title:   Electronic transport through a C60 molecular bridge: The role of single and multiple contacts
  Author(s):  Alireza Saffarzadeh
  Status:   Published
  Journal: J. Appl. Phys.
  No.:  8
  Vol.:  103
  Year:  2008
  Pages:   083705
  Publisher(s):   American Institute of Physics
  Supported by:  IPM
The effects of different contact geometries, bond dimerization, and gate voltage on quantum transport through a C60 molecule are studied by the Landauer-Buttiker formula based on the Green's function technique. It is shown that the number of contact points between the device electrodes and the molecule can play an important role in the electron conduction. The transmission is due to the resonant tunneling when the electrodes are contacted to one carbon atom of the molecule. In the case of multiple contacts, the interference effects are responsible for the change of the transmission through the C60. The bond dimerization and a gate voltage shift the molecular levels and by adjusting the related parameters the electron conduction can be controlled

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