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Paper   IPM / P / 6822
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  Title:   Analytical Expressions for the Charge-Charge Local-Field Factor and the Exchange-Correlation Kernel of A Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
1.  B. Davoudi
2.  M. Polini
3.  G.F. Giuliani
4.  M.P. Tosi
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Phys. Rev. B
  No.:  48
  Vol.:  64
  Year:  2001
  Pages:   153101-1-3
  Supported by:  IPM
We present an analytical expression for the static many-body local field factor G+(q) of a homogeneous two-dimensional electron gas, which reproduces Diffusion Monte Carlo data and embodies the exact asymptotic behaviors at both small and large wave number q. This allows us to also provide a closed-form expression for the exchange and correlation kernel Kxc(r), which represents a key input for density functional studies of inhomogeneous systems.

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