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Paper   IPM / Astronomy / 17746
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  Title:   Exploring the Jet Formation in binary systems applying 3D MHD simulations
1.  S. Sheikhnezami
2.  M. Sepahvand
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Astrophysical Journal
  Year:  2024
  Pages:   17
  Supported by:  IPM
We investigate the formation of an ideal magnetized jet that originates from a disk acting as a boundary by conducting axisymmetric MHD simulations. Our simulations demonstrate that the magnetized jet is consistently launched and reaches a stable state. We extended the model setup to three dimensions to further advance our study. We performed 3D MHD simulations of the jet launched from a disk surface, achieving a stable and appropriate model setup. Additionally, we expanded our study by incorporating the companion star and examining the influence of the Roche potential on the jet material. Specifically, we investigate whether including the companion star in the model significantly affects the dynamical evolution of the jet. Our findings reveal the formation of an ``arc-like'' structure in the density map of the jet cross-section, which is attributed to the direct tidal effects. This implies that while the primary physical effects and characteristics of the outflow on a larger scale are attributed to the host accretion disk, the direct tidal effects on the jet dynamics have a substantial impact, particularly in the vicinity of the Roche lobe and towards the secondary star.

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