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Paper   IPM / Physic / 17715
School of Physics
  Title:   Solar neutrinos and leptonic spin forces
1.  S. Ansarifard
2.  MC. Gonzalez-Garcia
3.  M. Maltoni
4.  J. Paulo Pinheiro
  Status:   Preprint
  Year:  2024
  Supported by:  IPM
We quantify the effects on the evolution of solar neutrinos of light spin-zero particles with pseudoscalar couplings to leptons and scalar couplings to nucleons. In this scenario the matter potential sourced by the nucleons in the Sun's matter gives rise to spin precession of the relativistic neutrino ensemble. As such the effects in the solar observables are different if neutrinos are Dirac or Majorana particles. For Dirac neutrinos the spin-flavour precession results into left-handed neutrino to right-handed neutrino (i.e., active--sterile) oscillations, while for Majorana neutrinos it results into left-handed neutrino to right-handed antineutrino (i.e., active-active) oscillations. In both cases this leads to distortions in the solar neutrino spectrum which we use to derive constraints on the allowed values of the mediator mass and couplings via a global analysis of the solar neutrino data. In addition for Majorana neutrinos spin-flavour precession results into a potentially observable flux of solar electron antineutrinos at the Earth which we quantify and constrain with the existing bounds from Borexino and KamLAND.

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