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Paper   IPM / Particles And Accelerator / 17383
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  Title:   Exploring non-standard $Hb\bar{b}$ interactions at future electron-proton colliders
1.  Gholamhossein Haghighat
2.  Reza Jafari
3.  Hamzeh Khanpour
4.  Mojtaba Mohammadi Najafabadi
  Status:   Submitted
  Year:  2023
  Supported by:  IPM
In this paper, we use the charged-current Higgs boson production process at future electron-proton colliders, e�¢??p�¢??Hj�?�½e, with the subsequent decay of the Higgs boson into a bb�?�¯ pair, to probe the Standard Model effective field theory with dimension-six operators involving the Higgs boson and the bottom quark. The study is performed for two proposed future high-energy electron-proton colliders, the Large Hadron Electron Collider (LHeC) and the Future Circular Collider (FCC-he) at the center-of-mass energies of 1.3 TeV and 3.46 TeV, respectively. Constraints on the CP-even and CP-odd Hbb�?�¯ couplings are derived by analyzing the simulated signal and background samples. A realistic detector simulation is performed and a multivariate technique using the gradient Boosted Decision Trees algorithm is employed to discriminate the signal from background. Expected limits are obtained at 95% Confidence Level for the LHeC and FCC-he assuming the integrated luminosities of 1, 2 and 10 ab�¢??1. We find that using 1 ab�¢??1 of data, the CP-even and CP-odd Hbb�?�¯ couplings can be constrained with accuracies of the order of 10�¢??3 and 10�¢??2, respectively, and a significant region of the unprobed parameter space becomes accessible.

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