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Paper   IPM / Nano-Sciences / 17065
School of Nano Science
  Title:   Photon tunneling reconstitution in black phosphorus/hBN heterostructure
1.  Cheng-Long Zhou
2.  Yong Zhang
3.  Zahra Torbatian
4.  Dino Novko
5.  Mauro Antezza
6.  Hong-Liang Yi
  Status:   Published
  Year:  2022
  Supported by:  IPM
Excitation of hybrid modes constituted by different material-supported polaritons is a common way to enhance the near-field radiative energy transport, which has fascinating promise in applications of thermal photonics. Here, we investigate near–field thermal radiation mechanisms in heterostructure composed of hBN film and black phosphorus single layer. The results show that this heterostructured system can give rise to a remarkable enhancement for photon tunneling, outperforming the near-field thermal radiation properties of its building blocks, as well as some other representative heterostructures. Moreover, we find that the anisotropic hybrid effect can induce a remarkable topological reconstitution of polaritons for hBN film and black phosphorus, forming a novel anisotropic hybrid polaritons. Notably, such hybrid modes show significant topological differences compared to hBN film and black phosphorus in the type-I Reststrahlen band due to the anisotropic anticrossing hybridization effect. Lastly, we systematically analyze the evolution of such hybrid polariton modes as a function of hBN film thickness and the corresponding influence on radiative properties of the heterostructure. This work may benefit the applications of near-field energy harvesting and radiative cooling based on hybrid polaritons in anisotropic two-dimensional material and hyperbolic film.

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