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Paper   IPM / Particles And Accelerator / 17061
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  Title:   Relativistic hydrodynamics with spin in the presence of electromagnetic fields
1.  Rajeev Singh
2.  Masoud Shokri
3.  Seyed Mohammad Ali Tabatabaee Mehr
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Nucl. Phys. A
  No.:  122656
  Vol.:  1035
  Year:  2023
  Supported by:  IPM
We extend the classical phase-space distribution function to include the spin and electromagnetic fields coupling and derive the modified constitutive relations for charge current, energy-momentum tensor, and spin tensor. Because of the coupling, the new tensors receive corrections to their perfect fluid counterparts and make the background and spin fluid equations of motion communicate with each other. We investigate special cases which are relevant in high-energy heavy-ion collisions, including baryon free matter and large mass limit. Using Bjorken symmetries, we find that spin polarization increases with increasing magnetic field for an initially positive baryon chemical potential. The corrections derived in this framework may help to explain the splitting observed in Lambda hyperons spin polarization measurements.

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