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Paper   IPM / Astronomy / 16925
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  Title:   Dust Emission in Galaxies at Millimeter Wavelengths: Cooling of star forming regions in NGC6946
1.  G. Ejlali
2.  R. Adam
3.  P. Ade
4.  H. Ajeddig
5.  P. Andre
6.  E. Artis
7.  H. Ausse
8.  A. Beelen
9.  A. Benoit
10.  S. Berta
11.  L. Bing
12.  O. Bourrion
13.  M. Calvo
14.  A. Catalano
15.  I. de Looze
16.  M. De Petris
17.  F.X. Desert
18.  S. Doyle
19.  E. F. C. Driessen
20.  M. Galametz
21.  F. Galliano
22.  A. Gomez
23.  J. Goupy
24.  A. P. Jones
25.  A. Hughes
26.  S. Katsioli
27.  F. Keruzore
28.  C. Kramer
29.  B. Ladjelate
30.  G. Lagache
31.  S. Leclercq
32.  J.-F. Lestrade
33.  J.-F. Maclas-Perez
34.  S. C. Madden
35.  A. Maury
36.  P. Mauskopf
37.  F. Mayet
38.  A. Monfardini
39.  M. Munoz-Echeverrla
40.  A. Nersesian
41.  L. Perotto
42.  G. Pisano
43.  N. Ponthieu
44.  V. Reveret
45.  A. J. Rigby
46.  A. Ritacco
47.  C. Romero
48.  H. Roussel
49.  F. Ruppin
50.  K. Schuster
51.  S. Shu
52.  A. Sievers
53.  M. W. S. L. Smith
54.  F. S. Tabatabaei
55.  C. Tucker
56.  E. M. Xilouris
57.  R. Zylka
  Status:   Published
  Journal: EPJ
  Vol.:  257
  Year:  2022
  Supported by:            ipm IPM
Interstellar dust plays an important role in the formation of molecular gas and the heating and cooling of the interstellar medium. The spatial distribution of the mm-wavelength dust emission from galaxies is largely unexplored. The NIKA2 Guaranteed Time Project IMEGIN (Interpreting the Millimeter Emission of Galaxies with IRAM and NIKA2) has recently mapped the mm emission in the grand design spiral galaxy NGC6946. By subtracting the contributions from the free-free, synchrotron, and CO line emission, we map the distribution of the pure dust emission at 1:15mm and 2mm. Separating the arm/interarm regions, we find a dominant 2mm emission from interarms indicating the significant role of the general interstellar radiation field in heating the cold dust. Finally, we present maps of the dust mass, temperature, and emissivity index using the Bayesian MCMC modeling of the spectral energy distribution in NGC6946

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