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Paper   IPM / ILSF / 16823
  Title:   The ESR Closed Orbit Calculation and Simulation
1.  S. Dastan
2.  S.A. Litvinov
3.  M. Steck
4.  R. Saffari
5.  J. Rahighi
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  Year:  2019
  Supported by:  IPM
The commissioning of the Experimental Storage Ring (ESR) with a new control system based on the LSA (LHC System Architecture) has started recently. The aim with these updates were that the 25-year-old control system, which was based on outdated computers and operating system, was discontinued. In addition, the front-end components of the hardware were also 25 years old and couldn’t be serviced any more, they are modernized together with the control system. This new control system is under development and considers all aspects of the expected functionality to operate the GSI/FAIR accelerators and incorporates the present GSI controls infrastructure [1]. So, both the heavy ion synchrotron SIS-18 and the ESR operation from now on have to be performed with the new FAIR control system. In order to introduce an improved model to the control system change, new calculations and simulations for SIS and ESR are necessary. In this paper we summarize the results of closed orbit calculations for the ESR which are done with three different codes, namely: ELEGANT [2], MAD-X [3] and MIRKO [4]. Considering similar results between MAD-X and ELEGANT, we present ELEGANT results in the report. In fact, the simulation for the old control system had done with MIRKO which worked fine. For the new control system, we decided to use these three codes for numerical simulation, but using MIRKO values in ELEGANT did not agree well, therefore the ELEGANT input was checked and adapted for better agreement. It is not yet clear that the details of the large aperture ESR magnets are treated in the same way in the two codes and higher order field components affect the result of the orbit calculation. This might be the origin of the difference between ELEGANT and MIRKO results.

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