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Paper   IPM / Astronomy / 16627
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  Title:   Mimetic Inflation
1.  Seyed A. Hosseini Mansoori
2.  A. Talebian
3.  H. Firouzjahi
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP)
  Year:  2021
  Supported by:            ipm IPM
We study inflationary solution in an extension of mimetic gravity with the higher derivative interactions coupled to gravity. Because of the higher derivative interactions, the setup is free from the ghost and gradient instabilities while it hosts a number of novel properties. The dispersion relation of scalar perturbations develops quartic momentum correction similar to the setup of ghost inflation. Furthermore, the tilt of tensor perturbations can take either signs with a modified consistency relation between the tilt and the amplitude of tensor perturbations. Despite the presence of higher derivative interactions coupled to gravity, the tensor perturbations propagate with a speed equal to the speed of light as required by the LIGO observations. Furthermore, the higher derivative interactions induce non-trivial interactions in cubic Hamiltonian, generating non-Gaussianities in various shapes such as the equilateral, orthogonal, and squeezed configurations with observable amplitudes

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